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A new ocean has been discovered in the least expected place – Teach me about Science

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A new ocean has been discovered in the least expected place – Teach me about Science

Astronomers Make Unexpected Discovery in Saturn’s Moon Mimas

A group of researchers has made a surprising discovery that has caught the attention of the scientific community. Astronomers have found a new ocean hidden in Mimas, the smallest and innermost of Saturn’s main moons. This unexpected finding challenges previous assumptions about the moon’s composition and raises questions about the possibility of life beyond Earth.

The discovery was published in the journal Nature and was made possible through the analysis of data collected by the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft, which explored Saturn and its moons for 13 years. Astronomers observed a peculiar rocking movement, known as “libration,” in Mimas, which led them to investigate the moon’s interior.

Contrary to previous theories, researchers have determined that Mimas’s libration is caused by the presence of a hidden ocean beneath its frozen crust. This ocean is estimated to be between 20 and 30 kilometers below the moon’s surface and is believed to constitute at least 50% of the satellite’s proportion. Remarkably, this ocean is relatively young, having formed between 2 and 25 million years ago.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this discovery is the possibility of “interesting chemistry” occurring within the ocean, which could provide insights into the origin of life on Earth. The interaction between the water and the moon’s core generates heat, preventing the ocean from freezing and raising questions about the potential for similar processes to have occurred on Earth.

This unexpected finding has opened up new avenues for research and has sparked excitement within the scientific community. For more information on the study, “A recently formed ocean inside Saturn’s moon Mimas,” visit the journal Nature.

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Image credit: 7inches from Pexels.

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