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A startup accelerator in Naples for Ubi is among the 5 best in the world

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According to the ranking drawn up by Ubi Global, a Stockholm-based body that has been involved for ten years in mapping and measuring the state of health of more than 1,200 accelerators and incubators in 90 countries around the world, Nastartup, a startup accelerator born 9 years ago in Naples, “it is among the 5 business accelerators at an international level”.

This was announced by the founder of Nastartup Antonio Prigiobbo, who leads the project together with Brigida Ardolino and Giancarlo Donadio. The placement (“in alphabetical order, all positions are tied”) was communicated by the platform to those directly concerned on Tuesday evening.

Nastartup was awarded together with two Canadian accelerators (Accelerator Center and York Entrepreneurship Development Institute), the Spanish Aceleradora MentorDay and Eit Health Accelerator. Among the Italian projects, the Innovative Business Incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin (I3P) also stood out in the Top Challenger category.

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Networks and communication

According to Prigiobbo “Nastartup wins because it has created an innovative model different from other incubators and accelerators. We were born to network: to study and facilitate, in Naples and beyond, the creation of a network, in which everyone can talk to everyone, presenting themselves for what they really know how to do.

And this is as true for startups as it is for investors. We are able – he added – to connect startups that make millions with startups that are just starting up. Both have the opportunity to bring together talents, to build communities and to make the project grow”. The mechanism works “if the financial part is present.

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“We – underlined the founder – are in contact with all the national operators. Of course, we don’t give money directly to startups, but we have a club of operators who invest”.

Business support

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450 companies accelerated in 9 years

For Prigiobbo, another “winning reason is linked to having aggregated 30, to date, between professionals and entrepreneurs who contribute in various ways”. Among these are companies, “catalysts, which in turn invest in startups”. Once defined the acceleration of Nastartup as “of network and communication”, Prigiobbo specified that “in 9 years there have been 450 startups accelerated”.

Taking an acceleration path with Nastartup means “staying and communicating with us, putting what they do and their progress online” and there have been “20 events in the last 12 months, including monthly and specials, the soul of a project that born locally, it has been able to innovate with its own model and get noticed in the world”.

And after the acceleration run? “Half of them walk, even without funding. Of course another half stops, but often those projects are relocated within the other startups”. And the future? “Continuity and involving more and more entrepreneurs”.


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Once every four years

“The ranking – Prigiobbo always explained – is drawn up every four years, it’s a sort of world championship”, but its preparation lasts a year. “It is carried out through questionnaires and checks. The ranking takes into account parameters including “the number of startups supported over the years, the investments they have been able to generate and also the social impact of the activities promoted”.

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On this occasion we were asked to measure the last 5 years of activity. Even with the pandemic we have never stopped (during an online event we had 50,000 visitors)”.

Also in 2019

The 2019 edition had also seen Nastartup among the protagonist acceleration projects, in the top 3 of the Top Challenger Europe startup programs.

“Unlike 2019, this time Ubi Global has announced the ranking online, while in May there will be the award ceremony in Belgium”.

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