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A year of research: Italy’s 2022 through the questions we asked Google

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A year of research: Italy’s 2022 through the questions we asked Google

There is no Tim Cook and there is no Mark Zuckerberg. There is no Sundar Pichai e neither is Elon Musk. None of the big names in the tech world are among the trending words on Google in Italy in 2022.

How is it possible? It is possible because the ranking that the popular search engine spreads every year is not that of the most searched words, but that of searches that had the highest peak traffic for an extended period in one year compared to the previous one. And so what? And so, it’s not like 2022 the various Tim, Mark. Sundar and Elon haven’t been searched that much online — it’s just that they have been look for yourself more or less like in 2021. And in any case not enough to surpass Drusilla Foer, Putin and the singers of Sanremo in general.

The budget

The 2022 of YouTube in Italy: Mahmood and Blanco surpass all. And the Shorts prove to be a smart move

by Emanuele Capone

google trends: 12 months of research on Musk, Cook, Zuckerberg and Pichai

The characters of 2022 on Google

Difficult to accept, if you are passionate about technology, but it is true. And a quick check on Google Trends reiterates it: in the last 12 months, searches in Italy of the 4 characters mentioned have remained more or less stable, without particular flashes, except for the peak at the end of April, which is when Musk confirmed the takeover offer for Twitter. As can be seen from the trend of the curve (above)the current CEO of the social network is widely sought after compared to his colleagues, especially in the final part of the year.

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Widening our gaze also to 2021 and focusing only on Musk (which is one which can be done easily starting from here), there is in fact the confirmation, even visually, that research on him has remained essentially stable, with the recent excess of media exposure which is probably balanced by an understandable decline in public interest.

A drop which, on the other hand, did not concern what Google calls Word of the Yearwhich (in order) were:

  • Ukraine
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Russia Ukraine
  • Australian Open
  • election 2022
  • Putin
  • Piero Angela
  • drusilla
  • Italia Macedonia
  • Blanco

They are all more or less self-explanatory, except perhaps the last 3, also for temporal reasons: Drusilla is Drusilla Foerdiscussed co-host of Sanremo 2022, while Blanco is one of winners of the last Festival (his is also the most watched video on YouTube). For the more forgetful, however, Italy-Macedonia is the match that took place on 24 March excluded from the World Cup in Qatar.

From i characters of the yearthe first 5 were Putin, Drusilla, Blanco, Sinner and Vlahovic, while the 5 most clicked goodbyes were those to Elizabeth II, Piero Angela, Mino Raiola, David Sassoli and Monica Vitti.

What’s left of the technology

Browsing through the other topics, if from i Because? which we asked to Google, the former is Russia wants to invade Ukraine and the third is Increase the petrol (who are somewhat connected) and there are those who have long wondered why Totti and Ilary are separating, a splash of tech peeps out in the top positions of the searches How to do? e What does it mean?.

The first among the tutorial searched on Google in 2022 is the one on the rapid swab (household and molecular are at positions 3 and 7, a sign that the pandemic has passed but has not completely passed), but the second is very recent and concerns WhatsApp and in particular the ability to make surveys within chats, single or group (it’s done like this). Always brother and How to do?in ninth position there is one dedicated to Apple customers and has to do with the update to iOS16 (here our guide).

Infine, fra i What does it mean?behind the first two (The Z on Russian tanks e Oranza) stands out Speak in cursivewhich it certainly will happy young Elisa Esposito (whom we interviewed in June)and in the queue there is to report the cyclical return of the term droppare (things?)one of those words that boomers struggle to grasp.

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Behind the Scenes of Spotify Wrapped: How Custom Charts Are Made

by Francesco Marino

Music, cinema and streaming among Google’s 2022 trends

As for the world of showbusiness, i 5 trending singers they were (in order) Blanco, Mahmood, Gianni Morandi, Iva Zanicchi and Ana Mena; among the 5 actors Will Smith won (although perhaps he would have preferred not), followed by Gianluca Gori, Vanessa Incontrada, Luca Marinelli and Maria Chiara Giannetta.

Finally, the contents to see: le serie for which we Italians have shown more interest have been Stranger Things (capable of getting Kate Bush to the top of Spotify), Dahmer, Manifest, LOL 2 e The Watcher; from i filmfirst position for mediocre Doctor Strangefollowed by Thor love and thunderdal fun Don’t look upand then from Uncharted e The Batman. Which is perhaps a bit overrated, but nevermind.


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