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“Absolute Force 2” is officially released, “CS:GO” players will be able to upgrade for free this summer

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“Absolute Force 2” is officially released, “CS:GO” players will be able to upgrade for free this summer

Counter-Strike 2

The rumored “CS:GO” sequel is indeed true. Today, Valve officially released “Counter-Strike 2” (Counter-Strike 2), and started a limited public beta within the game community. As expected, Valve switched to the latest version of the Source 2 game engine, which has made leaps and bounds in terms of graphics performance.

To ensure that the improved graphics didn’t detract from the gaming experience, Valve’s Absolute Force 2 team divided the map into three “tiers.” The first-level “touchstone” map refers to a classic map like Dust 2. Except for improving the readability of light and text, other parts are kept as much as possible to avoid affecting the player’s memory of the map. The second level is the “upgrade” map, which makes full use of the light and shadow and other special effects brought by the Source 2 engine, and fully upgrades the materials and reflections on the map. The third tier is the “overhauled” maps, which will be completely redesigned to be as good as the Source 2 engine can deliver in every way.

In addition to the map, the biggest change to the game is probably the mechanism of the smoke bomb. Now the smoke cloud after the smoke bomb explodes will be a volumetric 3D object. In addition to the smoke cloud that every player sees is the same, it can also interact with the environment, naturally fill the space where it is located, and interact with the surrounding light interaction. The smoke cloud will even change shape due to passing people or bullets, and the entire smoke cloud can be “blown away” with a grenade, bringing more tactical flexibility. In addition, “Absolute Force 2” will also improve the game’s server architecture to reduce the delay during play, making “Absolute Force 2” the “fastest response” in the series so far.

The official version of “Absolute Force 2” will come this summer, as long as you are a “CS:GO” player, you will be able to upgrade for free, and the appearances you collect in “CS:GO” can also be brought to “Absolute Force 2” go. As for the limited public beta in the game community, it will be evaluated based on multiple factors such as playing time on Valve’s official server, trust rating, and Steam account status. For details, please refer to the official FAQ. Further game news will be released when Valve is closer to the launch.

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