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《FOAMSTARS》新賽å£ã€ŒGROOVY DISCO〠3/9 é–‹è·’ï¼ å…¨æ–°æ³¡æ²«ä¹‹æ˜Ÿã€Œè¶…ç´šçˆ†ç‚ ¸é ã€ ç™»å ´ | é Šæˆ²åŸºåœ°

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《FOAMSTARS》新賽å£ã€ŒGROOVY DISCO〠3/9 é–‹è·’ï¼ å…¨æ–°æ³¡æ²«ä¹‹æ˜Ÿã€Œè¶…ç´šçˆ†ç‚ ¸é ã€ ç™»å ´ |  é Šæˆ²åŸºåœ°

Square Enix has announced that the new game “FOAMSTARS” will be launching a new event called “GROOVY DISCO” on March 9th for both PS5 and PS4 players.

“FOAMSTARS” is a bubble shooter game that allows players to enjoy the fun and excitement of bubble popping. The game features a new bubble shooter mechanic where players can team up to create unique shapes and patterns while shooting bubbles. Additionally, players who have joined PS Plus can download the game for free starting from March 4th.

The “GROOVY DISCO” event will run from March 9th to April 13th, featuring various activities and challenges for players to enjoy. Players can participate in missions 4 through 6, with the final mission involving defeating the “Dark Sheep Boss.”

During the event, players can earn rewards by completing missions and challenges, as well as by purchasing premium tickets. The event will also feature special activities like the “Happy Friyay Party” where players can join a new bubble popping event.

Players can also participate in ranked battles and special limited-time events during the “GROOVY DISCO” event. The event will have two unique challenges, including the “All Explosive Challenge” and the “Super Decisive Battle Challenge.”

Overall, the “GROOVY DISCO” event promises to be a fun and exciting experience for players of “FOAMSTARS.” So mark your calendars and get ready to groove in this new gaming adventure!

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