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After Alexa comes Q, Amazon’s new digital assistant designed for companies

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After Alexa comes Q, Amazon’s new digital assistant designed for companies

Like Alexa, but thoughtful not for homes and families but for companies and offices: this, in a nutshell (and without going into too much detail), is what it will be Q, Amazon’s new chatbot unveiled during Reinvent, the conference dedicated to Amazon Web Services taking place in Las Vegas.

According to what was explained by AWS CEO, Adam SelipskyQ would be a digital assistant, obviously supported by artificial intelligence, which “will help businesses increase the productivity of workers, reduce the costs and improve the experience in serving people consumers”.

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New AI and more protection against AI

Q, whose name was definitely chosen before a similarly named OpenAI project scared the world, is the flagship product of the new offer from AWS, the arm of the Seattle giant dedicated to cloud computing. But it’s not the only one, because the company also plans to offer customers a feature that can protect them from legal and image risks associated with the use of AI.

From the stage in Las Vegas, Selipsky made it clear that the new chatbot should be able to help workers summarize important documentsrespond more quickly to customer support requests, interface with chat apps widely used in the world of work, such as Slack, and also informing employees about various company policies; not only that: like many other artificial intelligences, Q would also be able to program and to intervene on the software that manages the operations of companies, “accelerating their development”.

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At AWS they are well aware of how much the use of AI can be risky or dangerous for companies, which cannot afford errors and missteps that are relatively acceptable for ordinary users. For this reason, the future arrival of a program called was also announced in Las Vegas Guardrails for Bedrock (which in Italian will probably be Guardrail and that’s it) which should allow individual companies to tailor AI to their own needs, excluding sensitive words or topics. Or even entire conversation topics.

Selipsky admitted that “we believe Q has the potential to become the working partner for millions of people“, imagining this new AI as a sort of colleague of the future and also relaunching Amazon in a race (precisely that of the development of artificial intelligence) from which the company has long seemed to lag a little behind. Which is not entirely true , as demonstrated by the recent investment of 4 billion dollars in AnthropicOpenAI’s rival startup.


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