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Alexa doesn’t fit: she responds to insults and raises awareness about verbal violence against women

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Alexa doesn’t fit: she responds to insults and raises awareness about verbal violence against women

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“You’re an idiot”, “You’re very ugly”, “You suck”. These are just some of the insults received by the voice assistant Alexa in 2023, as well as, it must be said, displays of affection (which are more numerous, fortunately). And if you think that these are harmless ways to vent frustration in the face of an artificial intelligence that collects without ever responding, for International Women’s Day on March 8, the voice of Amazon has decided to react and launch an awareness campaign on verbal violence against women, in collaboration with ActionAid.
In the face of certain insults and offenses received, Alexa’s voice will respond in kind in an ironic manner asking users to be more human and less humiliating, underlining how verbal violence is capable of leaving a profound mark on the health and life of who is the subject of it. The campaign, in collaboration with ActionAid, will also be activated by saying “Alexa, have your say” and will be a viaticum to spread educational messages to anyone who may need it.
“Being a constantly consulted interlocutor in the homes of Italians, Amazon’s voice assistant wants to be an active part of the change and, in collaboration with ActionAid, enhancing the power of its voice and helping to raise awareness of as many people as possible regarding such a global phenomenon dangerous,” said Giacomo Costantini, Business Development Manager of Amazon Alexa.
The Alexa campaign is based on the data and experiences of ActionAid, an international organization that deals with human rights and the fight against poverty. According to ActionAid, verbal violence is a very widespread form of violence and often associated with other forms of violence, such as physical, sexual or economic violence. Among the women who are facing the path to escape from violence, 66.7% have suffered physical violence, 50.7% a threat, 11.7% rape or attempted rape; to these we must add the 14.4% who have suffered other types of sexual violence such as sexual harassment, online harassment, revenge porn, forced into humiliating and/or degrading sexual activities. Psychological violence is very widespread and, being almost always exercised together with at least one other form of violence, affects almost nine out of 10 women. Four out of 10 women instead suffer economic violence.
Data that shows how verbal violence is a global and dangerous phenomenon, which must be contrasted with awareness and education. “For this reason, ActionAid has decided to collaborate with Amazon Alexa and support its campaign, creating alliances with companies and joining forces to fight violence, in all its forms,” said Katia Scannavini, Deputy General Secretary of ActionAid Italy.

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