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All information about the upcoming video game

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All information about the upcoming video game

While Dune 2 is currently shining at the global box office, a video game in the popular science fiction universe is already being developed in the background: Dune Awakening. In this article you will find out everything you already know about the game and you can also see the first gameplay scenes.

Image: Funcom

Who is developing the game?

Funcom is responsible for the implementation of Dune Awakening. The Norwegian studio has gained fame, among other things, through Conan Exiles. The 2018 survival game was well received and has more than 66,000 reviews on Steam, 78 percent of which are positive.

What kind of game will Dune Awakening be?

Like Conan Exiles, Dune Awakening will also be a survival MMO. This means that you have to share the game world with many other players. By the way, the game world is the desert planet Arrakis, which we already know from the movies and the original book.

Typically, survival involves searching the world for resources and all sorts of useful equipment. On the other hand, you can build your own base in which you can store your belongings. With the help of blueprints and recipes, you can develop further bit by bit.

Water and shade are particularly in demand on Arrakis. Without them, survival in the desert is not possible. Water can not only be found in the game world, but also obtained from other living beings – including other players. The drug Spice also plays an important role as a trading resource.

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Of course, there are deadly dangers lurking everywhere on the planet that make survival difficult. Apart from the sheer heat and the regular sandstorms, many different creatures are waiting for you – especially the giant sandworms. Nice: if your base is destroyed due to a storm, it can be easily rebuilt. A base that has already been built can be saved as a finished construction plan. All you need to rebuild is a single click and the right raw materials.

You can seek refuge in the large cities that exist in Arrakis. There you will find traders where you can buy and sell resources, and you will also be safe from the sandstorms. However, despite the dangers, it is worth exploring the dangerous desert. The strongest loot can only be found there. Interesting feature: the desert is supposed to change with every sandstorm. You should be able to find new ruins, wrecks and spice fields every time you explore.

Do you play with or against each other?

Basically, the entire desert should be a PvP area. How you deal with this is ultimately up to the players. You can also form a guild with other players to progress together. Particularly successful guilds should even be able to influence the politics of the cities later in the game. However, what exactly this looks like is still unclear. However, it will probably not be possible to prevent conflicts between individual players or different guilds.

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When does the game come out?

Although the first gameplay scenes have already been published and selected players are allowed to take part in a closed beta, Dune Awakening does not yet have an official release date.

For which platforms is the game released?

Dune Awakening will be available to play on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. It is unclear whether there will be a crossplay function between the different platforms.

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