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All of Sony’s computer systems were reportedly breached by a ransomware attack

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All of Sony’s computer systems were reportedly breached by a ransomware attack

According to Cybersecurity Connect, Sony would have suffered a very serious cyber attack that would have compromised all of the company’s systems. The attack was apparently carried out by a group called Ransomed.vc who a few hours ago declared: “we have compromised all Sony systems. There will be no ransom, we will sell them because Sony doesn’t want to pay.” This would also suggest the presence of a conversation between the group and the company. The group also reportedly said that the data will be released on September 28 if no buyer shows up.

Without a doubt it seems like a bad blow for Sony, however the evidence attached to the message is not particularly convincing and includes screenshots of internal login pages, a PowerPoint presentation and some Java files.

In addition to all this, a complete list of stolen files was included, around 6000, perhaps a bit low for a theft that would affect all of the company’s systems.

Ransomed.vc is a somewhat particular group dedicated to Ransomware, because in addition to the classic extortion methods typical of these criminal associations, it uses the GDPR laws to force its victims to pay. Basically, extortion is based on the fact that if a company’s customer data is compromised, the company itself will pay the fine for violating GPDPR, and Ransomed.vc aims to prevent the data leak at a price slightly lower than the possible fine.

For now Sony has avoided any comment, but it would not be the first time that the Japanese company has been the subject of a data leak. In 2011, the PlayStation Network suffered a very serious attack that blocked the console’s online functions for many days and violated the security of 77 million accounts. A situation so serious that Sony was forced to report to congress and offer games and money to compensate for both the exposure of personal data and the days of PSN downtime.

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Now it remains to be seen whether Ransomed.vc is actually in possession of something big or if it is just a scam attempt.


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