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All the public tenders to give birth and grow a startup in 2023. A guide

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All the public tenders to give birth and grow a startup in 2023. A guide

There is value for the whole economic system in favoring companies that invest in innovation. We continue our journey among the 2023 public tenders that help the birth and growth of innovative startups.

In the meantime, let’s clarify. What exactly is an innovative startup? A startup innovative it is a young company, with a high technological content, with strong growth potential and for this reason it represents one of the key points of Italian industrial policy. In 2012, Legislative Decree 179/2012 introduced some specific measures to support this type of enterprise to support them during their life cycle (birth, growth, maturity). With these measures, in addition to developing a dynamic and competitive innovation ecosystem, creating new opportunities for doing business and encouraging employment, we want to promote a sustainable growth strategy.

Innovative startups represent a key element in all advanced countries for improving the economy, they are the engine of growth and innovation, they create jobs, and therefore all competitive governments try to facilitate their birth, growth and maturity. In an era like the present one, characterized by exponentially accelerating digital transformation, it is also thanks to startups that the entire economic system can speed up response times to new global challenges.

We continue our path in active national aid for companies that want to invest in innovation, hire, aggregate and capitalize. Practical guide to public incentives 2023.

Business support

All national incentives for startups in 2023. Practical guide

by Gabriella Rocco

Capital goods – Nuova Sabatini

The Instrumental goods – Nuova Sabatini measure is the subsidy made available by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy with the aim of facilitating access to credit for companies and increasing the competitiveness of the country’s production system. The subsidy supports investments to purchase or lease machinery, equipment, plants, capital goods for production use and hardware, as well as software and digital technologies.

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Who can access. Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from the subsidy which, on the date of submission of the application: are duly established and registered in the Business Register or in the Fishing Business Register; are in full and free exercise of their rights, are not in voluntary liquidation or subject to bankruptcy proceedings for liquidation purposes; they do not include among the subjects who have received and, subsequently, not reimbursed or deposited in a blocked account, the aid considered illegal or incompatible by the European Commission; they are not in conditions such as to result in companies in difficulty; have their registered office or a local unit in Italy; for companies not resident in the Italian territory, the possession of a local unit in Italy must be demonstrated when submitting the application for the grant.

Nuova Sabatini Green investments

This is the Nuova Sabatini measure for low environmental impact investments by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Specifically, these are “green investments” related to the purchase, or acquisition in the case of financial leasing transactions, of new machinery, plant and equipment for production use, with low environmental impact, as part of programs aimed at improve the eco-sustainability of products and production processes.

For these operations, the subsidy is granted to the innovative company in the form of a plant account grant, the amount of which is determined as equal to the value of the interest calculated, conventionally, on a loan with a duration of five years and an amount equal investment at an annual interest rate of 3.575 per cent.

Guarantee fund

With the Guarantee Fund, the European Union and the Italian State support businesses and professionals who have difficulty accessing bank credit because they do not have sufficient guarantees. The public guarantee, in practice, replaces the expensive guarantees normally required to obtain a loan.

The Fund guarantee is a MIMIT facility, also financed with European resources, which can only be activated against loans granted by banks, leasing companies and other financial intermediaries. The Fund does not intervene directly in the relationship between bank and customer. Interest rates, repayment conditions, etc., are left to the negotiation between the parties, it being understood that real, insurance or bank guarantees cannot be acquired on the part guaranteed by the Fund.

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The decree-law of 18 October 2012, n. 179, provided for innovative startups and certified incubators a simplified, free and direct activation method of the Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises (FGPMI), a public fund that facilitates access to credit for SMEs through the concession of guarantees on bank loans (implementing decree; guide on how to use them).

Specifically, the guarantee covers up to 80% of the loan disbursed by the credit institution to the innovative startup or certified incubator, for a maximum of 2.5 million euros, and is granted free of charge and on the basis of access criteria extremely simplified, as the investigation benefits from a priority channel. In fact, Mediocredito Centrale, the Fund’s managing body, does not carry out any further assessment of creditworthiness beyond that already carried out by the bank. Furthermore, the guarantee requests concerning these types of companies are given priority in the preliminary investigation and in the presentation to the Management Committee of the Fund.

Startup news

2022 closes with 14,708 startups in Italy. The highest number ever

by Alessio Nisi

Innovation agreements – Second window

The Innovation Agreements are a measure envisaged by MIMIT to support investments in industrial research and experimental development of an amount exceeding 5 million euros to create new products and innovative production models. The measure acts through special agreements signed between MIMIT, the proponents and any public administrations interested in co-financing the initiative.

Who can access. Companies of any size, with at least two approved budgets, which carry out industrial, agro-industrial, artisan or industrial services activities, as well as research activities, can benefit from the concessions. Proposing companies can also present projects jointly, up to a maximum of five co-proposing subjects. Application opening second desk: 31 January 2023.

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Digital Trasformation

Digital Trasformation. The goal is to support the technological and digital transformation of the production processes of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises through the implementation of projects aimed at implementing the enabling technologies identified in the National Business Plan 4.0 and in the digital technological solutions of the supply chain.

The financial resources for granting the benefits, a mix of non-repayable grants and subsidized loans, amount to 100,000,000 euros. For both types of eligible project, the subsidies are granted on the basis of a nominal percentage of eligible costs and expenses equal to 50%. The eligible expenses are between 50,000 and 500,000 euros. If you want to know more details, we recommend reading this page and our dedicated in-depth analysis.

Technology Transfer Fund

The Technology Transfer Fund aims to support and accelerate the processes of innovation, growth and lasting restart of the national production system, strengthening links and synergies with the technology and applied research system, through a program to support the technology transfer and to the entrepreneurial fabric operating in the field of technological innovation.

Who can access. The interventions of the Technology Transfer Fund are aimed at supporting the development of strategic technologies for the competitiveness of the country, innovative startups and innovative SMEs are admitted. The investments of the Technology Transfer Fund can take the form of equity and quasi-equity interventions, convertible loans and equity financial instruments, contracts and grants containing convertible options, depending on the characteristics and specific financing needs of the target companies and the projects to support.

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