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All your movements in a single app. Nikolic (Trainline): “This way AI will save up to 50% of costs”

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All your movements in a single app.  Nikolic (Trainline): “This way AI will save up to 50% of costs”

To leave from Milan and get to that holiday resort on the Romagna Riviera you can take a high-speed train, then change and take a local train, then, once you reach your destination, you will need transport to reach the booked villa, a little ‘far from the town centre. So to get to Rome a tourist who is in Florence will be able to choose between Frecciarossa and Italo and once he arrives at Termini he will have to decide which means of transport to choose – public transport, car sharing, taxi, Uber – to reach the hotel.

All movements in a single portal

Very soon all this will be done on a single portal: “In addition to trains and long-distance buses, we would also like to integrate public transport, shared transport, from cars to scooters, to make the travel experience as simple as possible at the right level.” price to all users,” he comments Milena NikolicChief Technology Officer of Trainline.

The platform, which arrived in Italy in 2021, has been operating in the United Kingdom and other countries for around 20 years and has always based its offering on technology. This is why artificial intelligence is now changing Trainline’s offer: “Everything we do – adds Nikolic -, we do it thanks to data: we know the needs of consumers so we can build personalized journeys, bringing added value to them and to ours. partners: avoid moments of greatest congestion, keep travelers informed of any delays or cancellations and offer the possibility of immediately changing tickets. With the liberalization of railway routes in Italy too, this service will be increasingly useful, as has happened in Spain or France, where the providers are different”.

How AI is changing the world of transportation

Artificial intelligence allows Trainline to analyze price changes in real time: “Having the ability to predict price trends, in the UK we are already able to save up to 50% on a combined ticket. The experience on Trainline will also become increasingly more intuitive. There will be the possibility to ask: “We are a family of 4 from the United States: give me a 15-day itinerary in Italy with transport, but also what to visit and when”.

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To approach the future provision of increasingly personalized solutions, Trainline has launched – for now only in English – The Guidebook, tourist guides created with Generative Ai which the app sends directly to customers while they are travelling, and which give suggestions for the destinations in which we go there.

Rail traffic in Italy

In Italy, rail transport is growing. Trenitalia recently announced an 18% increase in passengers on trains and buses in 2023. In 2023, 10.6 million travelers chose Trenord to reach Lombardy tourist destinations in a sustainable way: a growth of 20% compared to 2022 .

In short, more and more people in Italy are choosing rail transport: “Demand is increasing because it is the greenest type, more and more aggregators like us are needed, because there are many more railway and bus stations than airports and it will be It is increasingly complex to find the best and most economical solutions.”

Over the last three years Trainline has invested over 20 million euros in Italy. Furthermore, the company, which offers its technology to build platforms to railway companies, has Italo among its customers.

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