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Almost like an unlimited tariff: 250 gigabytes of LTE for 24.99 euros!

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Almost like an unlimited tariff: 250 gigabytes of LTE for 24.99 euros!

250 gigabytes of monthly data volume: The top offer is aimed at new customers. PR/Business Insider

Freenet is currently offering new customers an all-net flat rate at top conditions. The deal is similar to an unlimited cell phone contract, but only costs 24.99 euros instead of the regular 59.99 euros per month (58 percent savings). You surf the Vodafone 5G network with 250 gigabytes of monthly data volume and a surfing speed of up to 300 Mbit/s. Thanks to GigaDepot, you can even take the data volume with you into the next month. Click here for the almost unlimited GigaMobil M* mobile phone contract.

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The tariff jungle comes relatively close to the proverbial forest for the trees. If you are looking for one Unlimited cell phone contract or a tariff with almost unlimited data volume However, we have already found what you are looking for. Because Freenet currently offers a SIM-only tariff whose conditions are impressive: As New customers you can get enough every month 250 gigabytes of data volume im Vodafone’s 5G network use, the speed is up to fixed 300 Mbit/s (when downloading). In contrast to other or “real” unlimited cell phone contracts, you currently only pay for it 24,99 Euro instead of the otherwise required 59.99 euros per month.

Almost unlimited cell phone contract: 250 gigabytes of monthly data volume in the Vodafone 5G network

When does data volume actually become virtually unlimited? Of course, this depends on individual needs; the average monthly consumption is currently only five gigabytes. Even if this is probably not enough for some, it can be assumed that very few users have a monthly data volume of 250 Gigabyte consume. And that’s exactly what the current Freenet tariff* offers New customers for 24.99 euros per month*. You can save unused data volume thanks to this GigaDepot even into the next month take along. The Fast Unlimited cell phone contract usually costs 59.99 euros per month, so the savings are 58 percent. The download speed in the 5G Vodafone network is also up to 300 Mbit/s in a rather fast-paced area. Noticed: If you decide on the contract, you must definitely remember to arrive on time before the end of the contract 24 month term to terminate. If you forget this, the contract will continue from the 25th month for the usual 59.99 euros per month.

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The cell phone tariff at a glance

data volume: 250 gigabytes of 5G per month

network: Vodafone

Allnet-Flat: and

SMS-Flat: and

EU-Roaming: and inclusive VoLTE & WiFi-Calling

e.g possible

Duration: 24 months (cancel in good time, otherwise the contract continues for 59.99 euros per month)

Monthly charges: 24,99 Euro

Connection fee: 29,99 Euro

Shipping: no

Almost unlimited data volume: Is the Vodafone Allnet Flat rate worth it?

For the sake of completeness, we’ll take a quick look at them here total cost the Vodafone Allnet flat rate from Freenet*. With one-off costs of 29,99 Euro (connection fee) and 24 monthly installments 24,99 Euro these are included 629,75 Euro. This results in a calculated monthly amount of 26,24 Euro. That’s not a particularly high monthly burden for some “normal” contracts – for a contract that includes some things Unlimited cell phone contract can keep up, but really strong: 250 Gigabyte monthly data volume with a download speed of up to 300 Mbit/s in good 5G-Network of Vodafone are an unmistakable message to all those who are looking for an affordable contract with more or less unlimited data volume.

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