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Amazon increases subscription price for Kindle Unlimited

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Amazon increases subscription price for Kindle Unlimited

Many companies and manufacturers have raised their prices in recent months. Now another offer from Amazon has been made, for which customers will have to pay more in the future.

In September 2022, the price for the Prime subscription increased, in January this year it hit the streaming service Amazon Music Unlimited and in February the online retailer increased the minimum order value for free orders. Now Amazon announced another price increase. It mainly affects e-book readers, because from now on they have to dig deeper into their pockets for the Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited gives subscribers access to a variety of e-books, audio books, and electronic editions of popular journals and magazines. The offer can be used via Amazon’s own e-book reader Kindle, via the Kindle app, as well as on a smartphone or tablet.

Two new customer promotions for Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited used to cost 9.99 euros per month, but now Amazon has raised the price to 11.75 euros. That corresponds to an increase of at least 17.6 percent that subscribers have to pay monthly. Curiously, Amazon offers two promotions for new customers who want to try out Kindle Unlimited. You should therefore be very careful about which button you use to start the test phase. On the one hand, Amazon advertises the classic trial period of 30 days, during which new customers can try out Kindle Unlimited for free. However, this period can be doubled to two months via another link. Thus, new customers save the fee for one month.

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After the trial period expires, Amazon customers will have to pay the new price for Kindle Unlimited. The fee is debited to a credit card stored in the Amazon account. The subscription can be canceled at any time via www.amazon.de/kucentral under “Manage Membership”. Borrowed books and magazines are then removed from the private library.

Does the price increase also affect existing customers?

Existing customers are also affected by the price increase for Amazon Kindle Unlimited. The company is currently notifying them of the adjustment via email. Unlike new customers, however, they do not have to pay the higher price immediately, since they have until July 31 to extend their subscription at the previous price of EUR 9.99 per month. However, this only applies if you complete Kindle Unlimited for a full year within this period. In the case of monthly billing, the price increase will take effect after June 18, according to Amazon.

Amazon has kept the possibility of price adjustments open in its general terms and conditions. Here it says: “We can change the membership fee at our reasonable discretion according to factually justified and objective criteria. Membership fees will only change in proportion as our own costs decrease or increase.”

The company told TECHBOOK that the reason for the price increase was generally higher costs in recent years. Therefore, for the first time since the launch of Amazon Kindle Unlimited in 2014, it is necessary to raise the prices for the subscription.

“Since launching in 2014, we’ve grown our Kindle Unlimited eBook catalog from 650,000 to more than 3 million titles, introduced eMagazine subscriptions, and increased the quality of title selection across all genres. Our corresponding costs have steadily increased over the past 5 years while the price has remained the same. In order to be able to continue to offer our service in the usual quality, we will increase the price for Kindle Unlimited. The monthly fee increases from €9.99/month to €11.75/month. This is the first time Amazon has raised the price of Kindle Unlimited since it launched in 2014. For new members, the price change will take effect on May 11, 2023. For existing members, the change will not apply until the next payment is due, on or after June 18, 2023. Existing members also have until July 31, 2023 to secure the current price (€9.99/month) by subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for 6 or 12 months in advance.”

Amazon spokesman told TECHBOOK

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Amazon puts Kindle Unlimited in focus

Kindle Unlimited can only be used with an existing Amazon account. In any case, customers were already affected by some of the previous price increases or adjustments made by the online retailer. The renewed increase in prices should be all the more annoying. In addition, Amazon only recently made an important change in its e-paper offering.

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For a long time it was possible to read selected newspapers and magazines as an e-paper version apart from Kindle Unlimited. You ordered the magazine in a virtual kiosk and received it directly on your Kindle. However, Amazon stopped selling individual subscriptions on March 9, 2023 and has been referring to its subscription offer ever since. So if you want to continue reading your daily or weekly magazine digitally, you will have to switch to a subscription if it is available there. Readers will receive selected newspapers from an existing subscription on the Kindle by September 4th at the latest, after which it will finally be over and Amazon will pay back any outstanding partial amounts.

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