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Amazon Web Services, more calculation and less process, here is Aurora Limitless Database

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Amazon Web Services, more calculation and less process, here is Aurora Limitless Database

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LAS VEGAS – During the first evening blue keynote of the event, Peter DeSantis, Senior Vice President of AWS Utility Computing announced (the enhancement of Aurora Database: Amazon Aurora Limitless Database, capable of supporting automated horizontal scaling to process millions of transactions of writes per second and manage petabytes (in a petabyte there are 1,024 terabytes) of data in a single Aurora database.

Aurora Limitless Database makes it easy to scale relational database workloads by providing a serverless endpoint that automatically distributes data and queries across multiple Amazon Aurora Serverless instances while maintaining the transactional consistency of a single database. Aurora Limitless Database manages to increase write throughput – i.e. how many units of information a system can process in a given period of time – and the database storage capacity, which today goes beyond the limits of a single write instance without having to create custom application logic or manage multiple databases. These are processes that until now would therefore have required multiple instances of writing. The compute and storage capacity used for Limitless Database will not depend on the capacity of the write and read instances in the cluster.

In other words, thanks to the Limitless Database it is now possible to focus on creating large-scale applications without having to build and maintain complex solutions to scale data across multiple database instances to support workloads.

How does it work

Limitless Database has a two-tier architecture composed of multiple database nodes, both transaction routers and shards. Shards are Aurora PostgreSQL DB instances that each store a subset of the database data, allowing for parallel processing to achieve more powerful write throughput. Transaction routers manage the distributed nature of the database and present a single image of the database to clients. Transaction routers maintain metadata about the location of the data, parse incoming SQL commands, and send them to the shards. They aggregate shard data to return a single result and manage distributed transactions to maintain consistency across the entire database. All nodes that make up the Limitless Database architecture are contained in a group of DB shards, with a separate endpoint for accessing Limitless Database resources.

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How to get started with Aurora Limitless Database

You can now sign up to try the Amazon Aurora Limitless Database preview (to be among the first to experience it. Simply sign up to try it and send your feedback to AWS.

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