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an ally for the safety of the elderly and vulnerable people • Techzilla

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an ally for the safety of the elderly and vulnerable people • Techzilla

Beghelli enriches its product line life saver with an innovative mobile device: the telephone SLV30-GPS Loudspeaker.

Il Lifesaver Phone Speaker SLV30 is not only a device for everyday life or for time spent at home watching TV, but also represents an important security support. By long pressing the button “Life saver”the phone sends emergency calls to a series of preset numbers, calling them one after the other until someone answers, also sending SMS with the user’s location. When the call is accepted, the phone automatically switches to hands-free mode. The user’s location is sent via a link that provides location on the mapwhile authorized people can check the location of your phone at any time.

Easy to use and equipped with large backlit keys on the front and on the button “Salvalavita” on the back, the Altavoce telephone is a GSM device with a particularly useful function: it amplifies ambient sounds through the included earphones. This feature improves the user experience both during calls and in listening to other surrounding sounds, allowing them to better perceive what is happening around them, both inside and outside their home, thus reducing the sense of isolation due to hearing problems.

Luca Beghelli, Marketing Director of the Beghelli Group declared:

“According to ISTAT data, over 24% of the Italian population is over 65 years old”, “The safety of elderly people and the risk of domestic accidents are serious problems. Beghelli, aware of its social role, develops innovative products to help improve people’s quality of life. The new cell phones in the Salvalavita line embody this mission.”

Il Salvalavita Phone SLV30-GPS Altavoce boasts a 2.8-inch display and includes a charging base, GPS and Wi-Fi tracking, fall sensor, camera, speakerphone, vibration, boosted volume, SMS function, flashlight, FM radio and calculator.

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The bracelet is available in combination with the Altavoce Beghelli telephone Salvalavita Phone Band Plus, water resistant, allowing you to ask for help with the simple press of a button, even in the absence of the telephone, for example in the shower.

You can also activate a subscription to the Services Salvalavita Center, operational 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Beghelli operators manage the alarms received, identifying the origin and nature of the emergency, and following the agreed procedures.

Price and availability

The Salvalavita Beghelli phone is available at the main electronics retailers, in specialized mobile phone shops, on the Beghelli online store and on the main e-commerce platforms, at the price of €109.00.

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