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Antec launches new C8 case – Gamereactor

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Antec launches new C8 case – Gamereactor

Antec Unveils New C8 PC Case for Tech-Savvy Consumers

Antec, a leading brand in PC cases and hardware, has introduced the C8, a sleek and modern computer case designed for tech-savvy consumers. As PC cases continue to evolve, the demand for high airflow, displayability, and advanced cooling capabilities has become paramount. The C8 is Antec’s answer to these needs, offering a host of advanced features in a minimalist design.

One of the standout features of the C8 is its unique 45° chamfering technology, which seamlessly integrates the front and left panels of the case, providing an uninterrupted panoramic view. The ultra-transparent visual experience offers a 270° field of view, allowing users to showcase their components with vibrant RGB lighting.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the C8 boasts a versatile internal layout that provides ample space for high-end components. This flexibility allows users to tailor their system to meet individual requirements. For the first time, Antec is offering a dual-chamber case, allowing for independent cooling for the CPU/GPU on the left side while housing the HDD/PSU on the right.

For users interested in extreme liquid cooling, the C8 offers the ability to install up to three 360mm radiators, making it a top choice for those seeking high-performance cooling solutions. The case is designed to accommodate even the thickest radiators, providing ample space for custom cooling setups.

With a retail price of approximately €119.49, the Antec C8 offers a compelling combination of advanced features, sleek design, and customization options for discerning consumers. As the demand for high-performance PC cases continues to grow, the C8 sets a new standard for enthusiasts and builders looking to push the boundaries of their PC setups.

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