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“Apex Heroes” S15 “Dao Hua Ji” is revised and debuted, the shooting range unlocks all heroes + points level requirements increase | 4Gamers

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“Apex Heroes” S15 “Dao Hua Ji” is revised and debuted, the shooting range unlocks all heroes + points level requirements increase | 4Gamers

The 15th season of “Apex Heroes” “Lunar Eclipse” has officially debuted on November 1st. While the new hero “Catalyzed Ji” and the new map “Wasting Moon” have joined the arena, the game has also officially received a new balance correction.

Among them, the most welcome change for newbies this season is that the shooting range used in the training mode has unlocked all heroes, so that new players can quickly adapt to this mode. At the same time, Respawn has also implemented a “gift gift” function, which can be used by both new and old players. The system shares Apex bundles and items with friends.

New hero “Kazumi Ji”

Catalyzing Ji, formerly known as Teresa Christa Smith, is a transgender female character who promotes gender equality for EA and Respawn. Her skills can be strengthened with ferrofluid to strengthen the door, form penetrating spikes, and use ferrofluid High walls block the playing field.

  • Passive Skill: Barrier|Strengthen and consolidate the door, increase the strength and block the enemy, the space where the door was destroyed can also be strengthened and consolidated
  • Tactical Skill: Penetrating Spike| Throws a piece of magnetic fluid that turns into spikes when enemies approach.Destroyer Ji is immune to enemy sting
  • Trick: Dark Veil| Raises a wall of ferrofluid that can be penetrated.Enemies passing through it are slowed and partially blinded for a short time

new map

Season 15 “Lunar Eclipse” new maps “Wasting Moon”, “Olympus” and “World‘s Edge” are the first to join the map lineup of competition rotation(Finally can say goodbye to Storm Point)this map features fast zipline tracks that allow players to quickly enter or escape an area.

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For more information about the waning moon map, please refer to the official blog introduction.


Revision information

The 15th season of “Lunar Eclipse” once again made changes to the entry requirements for season points. Now players must reach level 20 to participate in the point battle, which relatively increases the cost of entry time for plug-in players.

In terms of shrinking circles, the time before circle 1 shrinks has been increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds, which is mostly good news for players. At the same time, by canceling the initial flag pick-up animation when acquiring the second flag, the time required to pick up teammates’ flags from the death box is reduced, and the card-picking animation time is reduced, so that the next action can be made faster.

Weapon balance has been adjusted according to past practice (too strong, weakened, too weak to increase) with many up and down numerical adjustments; treasure chests are rotated, mastiff shotguns return to the ground, RE-45 and jammer ammunition enter treasure chests .

It is worth mentioning that the damage of the accessory “Turbocharger” (Focus SMG, Habok) is reduced by 1 when equipped, that is, the damage is reduced due to the cancellation of the heat gun time; in addition, vertebral ammunition, enhanced loader, kinetic energy supply, etc. Accessories have been removed from the ground loot and crafting sets.


Overall, Apex Legends made a number of QoL changes in Season 15 “Eclipse” to reflect past complaints from the player community, and it also shows that the arrival of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II 2022” and “Battlefield” With the launch of “Special Attack 2” into the market for free, “Apex Heroes” is bound to respond more to the needs of players in the face of competition.

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However, for most players, everyone still hopes to obtain a more stable server connection quality and a game environment without plug-ins.

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