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Apple HomePod 2nd Generation Bass Revolutionized!Built-in more sensors to build a smart home- ezone.hk – Educational Reviews- New Product Test

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Apple HomePod 2nd Generation Bass Revolutionized!Built-in more sensors to build a smart home- ezone.hk – Educational Reviews- New Product Test

The 2nd generation of Apple HomePod was released earlier. Through the new design and more advanced computing audio technology, the sound quality of the 2nd generation of HomePod has been comprehensively improved, and finally HomePod has once again become an audio product worthy of the majority of users. Of course, the HomePod 2nd generation has a built-in practical sensor, which is convenient for users to build a fully automated smart home.

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Powerful bass and stereo setup

HomePod can connect a pair to form a combination, and of course the HomePod 2 can also connect a pair to use as a stereo speaker. Moreover, the HomePod 2 is replaced with a long-stroke woofer with an amplitude of 20mm and a bass equalizer microphone to ensure that all music has the best low-frequency performance; there is also a five-beam forming tweeter array to improve high-frequency performance. Make the sound more real and clean, whether you are listening to music or watching a movie, you will have a clearer effect.

Other functions

The HomePod 2nd generation still has a variety of practical interactive functions, such as built-in a variety of different environmental sounds, including the sound of the ocean, forest, rain, etc., even if there is no music playing, there can be background sound, which is quite intimate; there is also a “handover” function, As long as the iPhone and other products are held close to the iPhone, the HomePod 2nd generation can continue to play instantly.

HomePod 2 can also recognize the voices of up to 6 users to provide a personalized Siri function, that is, as long as you use your own voice to give instructions, such as sending messages, it will instantly interact with the device of the sender.

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The appearance is more fashionable

HomePod 2 is available in black and white, which is easier to enter the house than the gray and white of the previous generation. Moreover, the touch panel of HomPod 2 is larger and the display is clearer. The design is a bit like HomePod mini, and the appearance is quite generous. It is also worth mentioning that the plug of the HomePod 2nd generation can be removed independently, whether it is handling, storage or maintenance, it is more convenient than the previous generation, which is worthy of praise.

A necessary member of smart home

Since the HomePod mini, Apple has regarded it as a smart home product. Of course, the HomePod 2nd generation can also be used as the hub of Thread, making it easier for everyone to build a smart home. In addition, the HomePod 2nd generation also has built-in temperature and humidity sensors, allowing users to use smart plugs to create a fully automatic smart scene such as automatically turning on the dehumidifier or fan when the temperature or humidity reaches a specified degree. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the HomePod 2 will support the voice recognition function in the future, which can distinguish the alarm sound of the smoke or carbon monoxide sensor, and send the prompt to the user’s portable device in real time.

Price: HK$2,299

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