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Apple HomePod Mini on offer: Here it only costs €87

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Apple HomePod Mini on offer: Here it only costs €87

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The Apple HomePod Mini is a smart Bluetooth speaker with features like 360-degree sound, Siri, noise cancellation and more.

It is the smaller, slimmed down and therefore significantly cheaper alternative to the Apple HomePod. The Mini (after a price increase at the beginning of 2023) normally only costs 99.00 euros compared to the 323.00 euros for the HomePod.

You can currently buy the Apple HomePod Mini on offer at Telekom*. There it only costs 87.00 euros, which corresponds to the current best price for the smart speaker. Click here to go directly to the offer*.

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The HomePod is Apple’s smart Bluetooth speaker. With a price of an impressive 349.00 euros, it is clearly in the premium segment. Since 2020, Apple has also been offering a much more affordable alternative to the device: the Apple HomePod Mini*. This is a smaller and slimmed down version of the luxury speaker, which has been available since November 16, 2020 and currently costs an average of only 99.00 euros.

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Apple HomePod Mini on offer at Telekom

The Apple HomePod Mini is currently available from Telekom in the colors space gray or white*. The promotional price: only 87.00 euros. The smart speaker is currently not available cheaper from any other provider.

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Is the Apple HomePod Mini offer worth it?

The price comparison on Idealo* has shown that this is currently the best offer for the Apple HomePod Mini – but only with the additional discount for new customers. With some other providers you pay between 99.00 euros and 220.00 euros.

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What can the Apple HomePod Mini do?

Although the HomePod Mini* is the budget-friendly alternative to the HomePod, the small speaker can easily keep up with the premium model. Like the large version, the Mini offers excellent 360-degree sound coming from a nice speaker. It is equipped with three microphones so that you can use it to operate the voice assistant Siri, accept or make calls and ask questions. There is also another microphone that identifies and filters out disturbing noises. And if you have more than one HomePod Mini, you can also use it as an intercom in different rooms or for stereo sound. If you first want to get an overview of the current stereo wireless speakers, we recommend the corresponding product comparison of stereo wireless speakers at Stiftung Warentest from the “Test” issue from March 2024.

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