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Apple notebook with 512 GB at a bargain price

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Apple notebook with 512 GB at a bargain price

Apple introduced the new MacBook Air with an M2 chip not so long ago, and after a few months on the market, prices are falling. Now you can get the 512GB model for a lot cheaper.

MacBook Air (M2) falling in price

Update from March 22, 2023: At MacTrade you get the MacBook Air M2 with 8 GB RAM and 512 GB memory for only 1,349 euros (view at MacTrage) when you use the GREEN-50 coupon. In the price comparison, more than 1,500 euros are due.

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With the MacBook Air (M2), Apple has unveiled a completely new notebook. It has been significantly revised optically, has the new M2 processor on board and many great gimmicks such as the MagSafe connection, which you probably know from the past. The prices in Germany have also increased considerably. But that doesn’t matter, because Galaxus is the first retailer to offer a significant discount. The version with You can get 8 GB RAM and 256 GB internal memory there for 1383.08 euros (look at Galaxus). At Apple you have to pay 1,499 euros.

At Galaxus you can currently get the new MacBook Air (M2) very cheaply. (Image source: GIGA)

If you want the more powerful version with 10 GPU cores and 512 GB of internal memory, you normally have to pay 1,849 euros for the new MacBook Air (M2) from Apple. Galaxus only wants 1703.86 euros for this (look at Galaxus). There are different colors to choose from.

The disadvantage? you have to wait Apple will ship the new MacBooks in July 2022, but hasn’t given a specific date yet. Galaxus states a delivery date of August 24th to September 7th. It is quite possible that this is only a later date, since Apple has not yet started shipping. So it could also be faster. In the worst case, you wait a few weeks and save a lot of money.

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What makes the MacBook Air (M2) so special?

MacBook Air 2022: All information about the new Apple notebook

Unlike the new MacBook Pro (M2), Apple has that MacBook Air (M2) completely revised. You get a brand new case in additional colors, a much better display with a screen diagonal of 13.6 inches, which should also be easy to read outdoors, a higher resolution 1080p camera, the MagSafe connection mentioned above and you can use it for runtimes of reach up to 18 hours.

The first impressions of the MacBook Air (M2) were pretty good, because with this model you can really see that Apple has changed a lot. The MacBook Pro (M2) is clearly at a disadvantage here. The M2 processor is of course also slightly faster than the M1 chip. Nevertheless, you should consider whether the high surcharge is really worth it for you, because the MacBook Air (M1) is currently on sale at a very reasonable price.

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