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Apple officially warns its users to stop putting their phones in rice when they get wet

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Apple officially warns its users to stop putting their phones in rice when they get wet

The North American company puts an end to a technique that is not recommended

Rice is better used for delicious recipes than for technology

Over the years we have shown you some tricks very interesting for your Apple device, whether it is the way to charge the iPhone faster or the best solutions for an iPhone that overheats. You may come across a wet terminal at some point and that is why Apple warns what to do in these cases. And not. Rice is not a good solution.

No more rice on iPhones, please

We have all heard that putting a device in rice for remove excess moisture is a strategy advisable and, furthermore, perhaps many of you have opted for this emergency route at some point. Apple gives you one little rant and he has reasons to do so.

Thanks to the information published on Apple’s support page, which outlines the steps to take if an error occurs on your device. message about liquid detection in charging connector, the company shows that the solution to this problem is not to use any variant of the well-known cereal.

Apple is very clear about this and when it exposes the things not to do and you iPhone shows the message liquid detected in the connector states that:

– No one has to dry the phone with a heat source external or air compressor such as a hair dryer.
– No one has to introduce objects into the connector, such as toilet paper or cotton swabs.
– Finally, no one has to insert the iPhone into rice since some small particles of the cereal could damage the device.

However, the company chaired by Tim Cook also offers very interesting tips to face the liquid introduction inside of connector iPhone charging port, either with Lightning or USB Type C connection. steps to dry the phone would:

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– But soft knocks to the phone with the palm of the hand and the down connector.
– Leave the phone in a dry and drafty place during 30 minutes.
– If you plug in the charging cable and the liquid inside warning appears again, leave it up to a day in the same place.
– If you already have the dry phone but does not load try removing the charger from the socket and the charger cable and reconnect them.

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