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Apple rumors: it would launch three new iPads with these interesting dimensions

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Apple rumors: it would launch three new iPads with these interesting dimensions

Apple Plans to Revolutionize Tablet Market Again with New iPad Models

Apple is rumored to be preparing to launch new iPad models that promise renewed dimensions and significant improvements in design and performance. Among the most anticipated developments is a larger iPad Air, expanding the possibilities of use and visual enjoyment for users. Additionally, a thinner iPad Pro is expected, which marks a milestone in combining power and portability.

For the first time, Apple would launch two different sized versions of the iPad Air. Sources indicate that the largest model of the iPad Air would be very similar in size to the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which means that the screen would also be almost the same size. It is anticipated that Apple would introduce two new iPad Air models, one 11 inches and the other 12.9 inches, marking the first time that the Air line includes these dimensions.

As for the iPad Pro, the new models expected for 2024 would potentially come with some minor adjustments in terms of size. They are rumored to be slightly bigger and thinner, with a new OLED screen, which is thinner because it has fewer layers compared to current LCD screens. The thinness of the new models is expected to be 5mm for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and 5.1mm for the 11-inch iPad Pro.

The upcoming iPad Pros are believed to come with a newer, more powerful chip, the M3, which would make them run faster and more efficiently. They would also have better quality screens thanks to OLED technology and offer more options for storage space. Additionally, Apple is rumored to be preparing new accessories that would improve how the iPad Pro is used.

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The iPad Air is also expected to improve by moving from an M1 chip to a more advanced chip, possibly the M2 or even the M3, which would give it more speed and responsiveness. Apple could unveil these new products at a special event next month, or they may choose to present them through a press release.

In addition to the new iPad models, Apple is rumored to be preparing a new product to compete in the growing market of wearable gadgets. This new product would be intended to be the direct rival of Samsung’s announced Galaxy Ring. Apple’s idea is to expand its successful Apple Watch range, focusing especially on health and fitness monitoring features, but this time from a device that would be worn on the finger.

Although it may seem like a novelty, Apple has been looking towards the possibility of developing smart rings for some time, as demonstrated by several patent applications that the company has filed over the years. The ring under development by Apple would not only offer similar health tracking functions as its competitors but also additional features such as the possibility of making contactless payments through NFC. This move suggests that Apple is aiming to diversify its wearables portfolio and solidify its position in the wearable technology market.

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