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Apple will use M2 Ultra chips to power AI…

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Apple will use M2 Ultra chips to power AI…

Apple wants to bring artificial intelligence into its products and to do so it has an ace in its hands: powerful chips M2 Ultra in his data center, which it will use to handle more complex AI queries. While most of the requests will be handled directly by the devices with chips M4 — which we just saw in the new iPad Pros.

Apple will use M2 Ultra chips to power AI

I chip M2 Ultra, currently running in Apple’s data centers, will handle more demanding AI tasks, while simpler tasks will run directly on devices. This strategy will allow Apple not to invest in other dedicated chips. But also to guarantee the highest levels of security and privacytaking advantage of the research already done to create the M series chips.

As revealed by the Wall Street Journal (via Punto Informatico), Apple was working on the internal project “Project ACDC” (Apple Chips in Data Center), which involves the creation of customized chips for data centers. However, new information from Bloomberg suggests that the company is instead focusing on the “old” M2 Ultra chips, seen in the most powerful Macs.

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I chip M2 Ultra they will initially be distributed in Apple-owned data centers located throughout the United States. Then they will also go in servers managed by third partiesthe. Additionally, the company is working on building a new data center in Waukee, Iowa.

Apple needs to catch up ongenerative artificial intelligence, a technology it didn’t immediately focus on like Microsoft or Google. To do this, Apple is focusing on something it has demonstrated it can do very well: designing hardware.

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The new chip M4 it will allow the iPad Pro (and the Macs on which it will debut) to exploit AI directly on the devices, and the same should apply to the A series chip of the next iPhone. But the use of chips M2 Ultra in data centers it will be able to help users manage those requests that are too complex, to be downloaded to the cloud.

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