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Apple’s 15-inch Macbook Air Now Available in Taiwan: Features, BTS Plan, and Color Options

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Apple’s 15-inch Macbook Air Now Available in Taiwan: Features, BTS Plan, and Color Options

15-inch Macbook Air 7/12 is now on shelves

Apple has finally released the highly anticipated 15-inch Macbook Air in Taiwan on July 12th. Customers who had pre-ordered the laptop will be receiving their devices as early as July 27th. With the launch of this new product, many Taiwanese Youtubers are expected to film unboxing videos and share their first impressions with their viewers.

Prior to the release, the National Communications Commission (NCC) conducted a technical evaluation of the Macbook Air on June 28th. This evaluation is a mandatory step for Apple before launching any product in Taiwan. The NCC evaluation report highlights the impressive features of the 15-inch Macbook Air, including its slim design, larger screen size, 6-speaker system, and increased power. However, it’s important to note that the increased power does not necessarily translate to longer battery life.

For those interested in purchasing the 15-inch Macbook Air, Apple’s official purchase website is available for easy access.

NCC official inspection report

The NCC evaluation report also reveals Apple’s launch cycle, suggesting that the company plans to release new products approximately every two weeks. With the launch of the 15-inch Macbook Air on July 12th and the upcoming BTS (Back to School) program on July 28th, Apple’s release pattern becomes more predictable.

15-inch Macbook Air physical first look

Interested customers can find various photos of the 15-inch Macbook Air on the internet. These images were submitted by Apple to the NCC for inspection, providing a first glimpse of the laptop’s physical appearance.

How to choose the color

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When it comes to color options, classic Apple lovers might prefer the timeless silver. However, Apple recently introduced midnight blue and gold color options, which have gained popularity among those looking for a more unique and eye-catching design. The official purchase website provides options for customers to choose their preferred color.

The latest BTS plan in 2023

The anticipated BTS program, originally scheduled for July 28th, has extended its duration this year. Qualified individuals, such as college students, teachers, and parents, have the opportunity to receive free AirPods or an Apple Pencil (second generation) drawing pen with the purchase of a Mac or iPad, respectively. This year’s BTS event offers better gifts compared to previous years.

Eligibility for the BTS program includes college students, parents with children in higher education institutions, and teaching staff in kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. It’s important to note that elementary and high school students as well as graduates are not eligible for the education discounts offered through the BTS program.


Apple enthusiasts eagerly awaited the release of the 15-inch Macbook Air in Taiwan. With its impressive features and sleek design, the laptop is expected to be a hit among professionals and users who require high-performance devices. While the price may be steep, the longevity and quality of Apple products make them a worthwhile investment. For those considering purchasing the Macbook Air or participating in the BTS program, Apple’s official website provides all the necessary information and links to make the process convenient. In upcoming articles, we will discuss the best strategies for purchasing the BTS plan and share personal experiences of using Apple products. Stay tuned!

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