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Artificial Intelligence to recognize scams and…

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Artificial Intelligence to recognize scams and…

Microsoft presented a new service that uses theArtificial intelligence (AI) to analyze phone calls. The tool will allow you to recognize any suspicious phone calls and warn users of scams and spam.

The service is called Azure Operator Call Protection and is currently being tested together with BT Group. Let’s try to understand how it works, based on Microsoft’s presentation at MWC 2024.

Azure Operator Call Protection: Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence to prevent scams

Let’s start by saying what Azure Operator Call Protection is a service that Microsoft offers to mobile carriers as an option for its subscribers. The tool uses AI to monitor telephone conversations e detect signs of possible fraud. For example, AI can identify if the caller uses language that prompts the recipient to provide personal or banking information over the phone. If the service deems a call to be suspicious, warns the userwho can decide whether to end the call or ask for more information on the reason for the report.

Service requires user consent but does not save or use call data to train AI models di Microsoft. The data is deleted once the call is over and the user has made a decision.

In the future the service could also extend to text messages, as anticipated by Shawn Hakl, vice president of 5G strategy for Microsoft’s Azure for Operators program. “For now we focus on the voice – Hakl said – but there is also a strong interest in the text”.

The solution is developed in collaboration with BT Groupand we still don’t know when it will hit the market.

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