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Aryel, 3 million round for augmented reality. The founder: “The metaverse? Still far away”

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Aryel, 3 million round for augmented reality.  The founder: “The metaverse? Still far away”

Aryel is a startup that has developed a platform that offers companies Augmented Reality content suitable for marketing campaigns. Founded in 2020 by Mattia Salvi, Luca Petri e Leonard Persian and based in Milan, the company closed a 3 million investment round led by Prana ventures and participated by several business angels. “After raising €700,000 in convertible instruments, we were able to close the seed round with a further €3 million raised, bringing the total to €3.7 million,” explained Salvi.

What Aryel does

“Aryel – he specified – is a platform that provides users with the ability to easily create and share high-performance Augmented Reality content without the need for prior technical knowledge. The platform uses a drag and drop system and offers a large selection of 3D models and ready-to-use templates to help users create experiences on their own”.

Startup News

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Data analytics and artificial intelligence

The new resources will allow the company to open new physical offices in reference markets, first of all the United Kingdom, “and then in the United States”, to “extend the range of activities” and above all to develop the platform, with ” a level of artificial intelligence that will further enhance the suite, offering companies and agencies the possibility of obtaining more data and insights from their campaigns, to effectively direct marketing efforts but also product ones”.

According to Mattia, reporting is among the main opportunities that AI will offer to innovative companies. “We are moving in the direction of integrating artificial intelligence to allow companies to collect an ever-increasing number of business-relevant data, such as biometrics. Another application of artificial intelligence in which we are investing concerns the connection with reporting tools, a new and in some ways unexplored theme, which could hide interesting opportunities for companies. The awareness and diffusion of these tools has already begun and we are witnessing the birth of increasingly powerful and innovative applications”.

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The metaverse? Still a distant dimension

And the metaverse? “It is still a distant dimension, a space to fill, but too distant from the reality we live every day. From this point of view, augmented reality is instead a new type of content, which companies can adopt to engage their consumers in a new and engaging way, offering a new point of contact that combines real and digital”.


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How Aryel was born

While working as a consultant for a technology company, Salvi realized that there was a high demand for augmented reality from businesses. “I began to compare myself with other professionals and I discovered that making these experiences was not only difficult and the exclusive prerogative of technicians and developers, but also extremely expensive”. Aryel’s idea was born from the need to create a tool capable of “democratizing their creation, making them within the reach of companies and agencies”.

Startup numbers

One year after its launch, “Aryel recorded a 300% growth over the previous year, reaching a base of over 50,000 users, with over 70% coming from international markets such as Asia, Canada and Northern Europe. Among these we also find important companies that have decided to continuously adopt augmented reality in their marketing mix.

To date, Aryel is employed by over 150 companies, including names like Cisco, Ferrero and Generali.” The company’s business model “provides for a partnership program for marketing and communication agencies wishing to develop their AR marketing skills. These partnerships act as multipliers of opportunities: on the one hand, they allow us to get in touch with the actual user of the platform, who offers us interesting information on his behavior and expectations regarding the software; at the same time, it allows us to reach a vast network of companies and to increase our visibility globally”.

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Augmented reality, not just marketing

According to the co-founder “Augmented reality offers almost unlimited possibilities to startups and companies of all sizes. However, it’s not just about marketing: in fact, AR enables new channels of interaction between customers, brands and products”. The applications don’t just stop at the retail world: augmented reality also offers “opportunities to the education sector, corporate and otherwise.

Today it is possible to train technical personnel through these technologies, alternatively the classic frontal lessons can be enriched, making the training of operators interactive: this would offer employees more memorable experiences, thus increasing the yield of training activities”. For Salvi “the result of the investment round largely depends on the high technological impact of our solution, but also on the fact that this technology has a boundless application potential.

Many sectors are interested and are investing in this sense: the interest of Prana ventures and other investors is, I think, an important sign of the companies’ attention to these technologies”.

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