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ASUS Addresses Camera Gimbal Lag with ZenFone 10 and ZenFone 7 Security Update

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ASUS Addresses Camera Gimbal Lag with ZenFone 10 and ZenFone 7 Security Update

ASUS, a renowned tech company, has recently addressed the camera gimbal freeze problem in its ZenFone 10, ZenFone 7, and ZenFone 7 Pro models through a firmware update. This update not only includes routine Android security updates but also focuses on resolving the camera gimbal issue.

For users who have encountered similar problems with their ASUS devices, it is highly recommended to update their phones as soon as possible in order to enhance their mobile phone experience. By installing the latest firmware update, users can expect improved camera performance and a seamless user experience.

The ASUS ZenFone 10 update is identified by the version number 33.0220.0220.89, while the ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro updates carry the version numbers 31.0210.0210.353. The system will automatically push the update over the course of approximately one week. Before updating, it is advised to back up all important data to avoid any accidental loss or damage.

In the event that users still experience abnormal problems after the update, ASUS encourages them to leave a message below the article or seek official assistance by visiting the ZenTalk forum and contacting ASUS customer service.

As ASUS continues to prioritize customer satisfaction, this recent firmware update demonstrates their commitment to rectifying any issues and providing a seamless mobile phone experience to their valued users.

In addition to fixing the camera gimbal lag, ASUS has also released an update focused on security for the ZenFone 10 and ZenFone 7 series. This security update aims to further enhance the overall performance and protection of the devices.

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Users can anticipate a smoother and more secure user experience with these firmware updates. Take advantage of these improvements and enjoy the full potential of your ASUS ZenFone 10 or ZenFone 7 series device.

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