Home Technology ASUS TUF Gaming GT502 gaming chassis, A1 SSD external box are cool!

ASUS TUF Gaming GT502 gaming chassis, A1 SSD external box are cool!

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ASUS TUF Gaming GT502 gaming chassis, A1 SSD external box are cool!

ASUS today announced the launch of the new TUF Gaming series gaming chassis GT502 and A1 SSD external boxGT502 adopts dual-chamber cooling design, with eye-catching see-through tempered glass side panels, players can show their personal style through internal components anytime, anywhere; A1 portable SSD external box supports USB 3.2 Gen 2×1 Type- C® port with dual M.2 interfaces, military-grade drop resistance, IP68 waterproof and dustproof standard, ideal for users who want to expand game capacity, back up large files, or store/create 4K content.

In order to allow players to easily build a flagship console, the dual-cabin structure of TUF Gaming GT502 not only enhances heat dissipation, but also has excellent expandability. The spacious main and right cabin spaces can accommodate a 200mm power supply, up to 13 fans, and 3 more. 360 mm radiator mounting points to provide the excellent cooling your hardware requires, even when overclocked.

The full-size tempered glass side panels on the front and left side allow users to see carefully selected components at a glance. The illuminated TUF Gaming logo on the front panel also supports Aura Sync lighting modules, which can synchronize lights with compatible devices and components. Effective, looks dazzling and outstanding!
In addition, the GT502 side panels can be opened without tools, and can be disassembled and installed as you like. With the 90mm cable space in the cabin and the cable holder for the multi-function fan bracket, whether you install a storage device, a fan or a water-cooled radiator, the cable management is effortless. , and the top, bottom and right air vent filters also help to isolate dust, so that the interior space is not only clean, but also neat and tidy.

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TUF Gaming GT502 gaming case, suggested price: NT$ 4,490.

TUF Gaming A1 supports PCIe NVMe, SATA dual interface, can accommodate up to 2TB 2242 / 2260 / 2280 size M.2 SSD; through the USB 3.2 Gen 2×1 Type-C port, it can also provide up to 10 Gbps (NVMe) / 6 Gbps (SATA) data read and write speed to achieve stable and efficient transmission.

Carrying out TUF Gaming’s hard-line proposition, the A1 has also passed the strict MIL-STD-810H and IP68 durability tests, and can withstand accidental bumps, knocks, splashes and dirt, making it safe to use. The included USB-C cable is also compatible with mobile devices, laptops, PCs, and the latest generation of PlayStation and Xbox game consoles, allowing for a variety of applications.

TUF Gaming A1 SSD external box, suggested price: NT$ 1,290.

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