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Asustor svela i Drivestor Pro Gen2 con CPU ARM

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Asustor svela i Drivestor Pro Gen2 con CPU ARM

Thanks to the adoption of CPU ARM, Drivestor Pro Gen2 offers superior performance; these NAS support file systems BTRFS and they can manage snapshot.

The new Drivestor 2 Pro Gen2 (AS3302T v2) and Drivestor 4 Pro Gen2 (AS3304T v2), respectively able to accommodate in their housings up to 2 and up to 4 HDDs or SSDs, in fact, they are equipped with a new CPU capable of offering up to 21% higher performance compared to the previous generation, benefiting data reading and writing speeds and, more generally, the performance of all applications installed on the NAS .

Equipped with connectivity 2,5 Gigabit Ethernet and capable of supporting the hot replacement of HDDs, the new Drivestor Pro Gen2 allow you to mount and dismount hard drives from the sleds without the need to use any tools, speeding up and simplifying both the first installation and any procedures storage capacity expansion.

Thanks for an update of the iGPU Furthermore, integrated, the new Drivestor Pro Gen2 guarantee superior performance with the transcoding of multimedia contents, ensuring levels of experience in the reproduction of excellent 4K videos.

An absolute novelty regarding the ARM CPU-based Asustor NAS is the support for the new generation BTRFS file system, which helps protect data by allowing the creation of snapshots which, if necessary, allow the contents of the files to be restored as follows. as they were at the time the snapshot was taken. Thanks to snapshots, for example, it is possible to recover files deleted by mistake or recover versions you have worked on with the utmost ease.

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Finally, the new Drivestor 2 Pro Gen2 and Drivestor 4 Pro Gen2 can count on the solid and proven ADM 4.2 operating system, which provides features such as Dr. Asustor, which takes a proactive approach to NAS security, an exclusive quick start guide, which can help users familiarize themselves with the basic functionality of the NAS, as well as MyArchive an exclusive feature of Asustor NAS, which allows users to use the device with the same logic as removable disk drives, therefore capable of offering virtually unlimited storage capacity.

The new Drivestor 2 Pro Gen2 (AS3302T v2) and Drivestor 4 Pro Gen2 (AS3304T v2) are immediately available with retail prices of 309.00 Euros and 419.00 Euros including VAT respectively.

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