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Atari revives Infogrames brand – Gamereactor

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Atari revives Infogrames brand – Gamereactor

Atari to Revive Infogrames Brand as New Publishing Label

Atari has announced plans to breathe new life into the Infogrames brand, using it as their new publishing label. While the brand has been dormant for some time, it is well-known for creating popular games such as Alone in the Dark, Heart of Darkness, and titles based on beloved characters such as The Smurfs, Asterix, and Tintin.

“Infogrames has a legacy as a publisher and developer of incredible and diverse games for decades, and we are thrilled to be bringing it back,” stated Atari CEO Wade Rosen, as reported by VGC.

Infogrames’ first acquisition under its revival will be the 2019 game Totally Reliable Delivery Service, obtained from tinyBuild. The company is set to build upon the foundation laid by the previous developers of the game, aiming to revitalize the franchise and deliver new and exciting gaming experiences to fans.

With Atari’s determination to revive the Infogrames brand and the potential for new and innovative games on the horizon, the future looks bright for both the publisher and gamers alike. Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming releases from Infogrames.

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