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Atomic Heart has turned to gold

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Atomic Heart has turned to gold

Call me superficial, but Atomic Heart, with its jaw-dropping graphics and BioShock, encountered Fallout gameplay from the first second I saw it in 2018, but it’s been a tumultuous period since then. The fact that Mundfish’s increasingly ambitious game has suffered a five-year delay says it all, but the wait is finally over.

Mundfish and Focus Entertainment finally Announce Atomic Heart has been awarded Gold, which in simple terms means that it has completed development. So, unless it “needs Cyberpunk 2077,” you can be absolutely sure that Atomic Heart will launch on February 21st.

I’m not particularly worried about this, but I will remind you that we haven’t seen the gameplay of the PS5 and Xbox Series 4 versions… when developers talk a lot about how they want to push the PC to the max. A bit worrying.

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