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Avatar 2 doesn’t break through, but it helps the first Avatar return to the top of the box office chart

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Avatar 2 doesn’t break through, but it helps the first Avatar return to the top of the box office chart

Cost 350-400 million dollars, Avatar 2 he had a couple of goals: exceed the box office of the first chapter and possibly become the film that has made the most money in the history of cinema. He has failed (yet?) to do either but he has done another which is perhaps even more significant.

What happened is that the wait for the second chapter of the saga imagined by James Cameron, which is both a fairy tale, a science fiction film and also a demonstration of what Hollywood can do with the help of technology (and AI)was so high that it drove people into theaters to see or re-watch the first one Avatarwhich now has almost 14 years behind it.

From cinema to TV

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A ranking dominated by special effects

And so, starting in mid-2021, with the return of Avatar initially in China and then gradually all over the world, the film managed to return to the top of the chart of those who globally grossed the most, overcoming Avengers: Endgamewhich in turn surpassed it in 2019. The counter-surpass occurred at $2.8 billion, but at the time of writing Avatar it is already over 2.9 and could be the first to cross the 3 billion barrier.

Behind them, but quite distant, there are Titanic (another film by Cameronborn in 1997), Star Wars: The Force Awakens e Avengers: Infinity Warwhich is the chapter before Endgame.

It should be noted that practically all of the upper part of this ranking is dominated by movies that lean heavily on technologythe green screen and special effects in general: perhaps the first one that could live without it is Top Gun: Maverickwhich is currently at number 12, is close to $1.5 billion in gross, is still in theaters and is on the rise.

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E Avatar 2? He is in sixth position, just over the $2 billion grossed. Which are definitely not a few, especially for a film that has been out for just over a month and which has to deal with blockbusters that have been around for 5, 8, 15 or even 25 years.


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The push that could come from the Oscars

Moreover, Avatar 2 it has an ace to play that other films no longer have, because March 12 is the night of the Oscars. Cameron’s movie it did not receive many nominations (just 4, all technical except Best Film), especially in relation to expectations and competition (Everything Everywhere All At Once even got to 11, Nothing new on the western front e The spirits of the island I’m at 9), but the return it could have in cinemas is undeniable.

And yet, there is a but. In fact, there are two: people could return to theaters for Avatar but for the first as well as for the second, giving it a further push to make it unreachable; moreover, Disney could spoil the ride by making Avatar 2 available in streaming, which according to our hypotheses could take place on February 17th or (more likely) March 17th.


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