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AWS, Amazon’s cloud is expanding to counter the US Big Tech crisis

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AWS, Amazon’s cloud is expanding to counter the US Big Tech crisis

The Stock Exchange and financial markets, with the Nasdaq moving to the cloud within the year. The exploration of Space metaphor of an exponential demand for corporate data. And billionaire savings like those announced by Airbnb about to adopt the cloud. Adam Selipsky at the helm of Amazon Web Services (Aws) for a year, what is still considered today the goose that lays the golden eggs of Amazon, played up front on the stage of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

To avoid the times of crisis that Big tech is going through, it started from the technological fundamentals, starting from the promised savings, then moving on to the requests for data up to the requests for artificial intelligence and the potential of supercomputing. As was done in the past. Lots of announcements, some new products and lots and lots of attention to the performance of their ecosystem.

The crisis of US big tech

But this year the AWS Reinvent, the annual event dedicated to the cloud where laboratories and business divisions pull out what they have and what they want to do, has the eyes of the world focused on them. It comes at a complicated time for US big tech. Since the beginning of the year, the technology sector has shown clear signs of crisis, after years of sustained growth perhaps even drugged by lockdowns and smartworking. With Facebook, HP, Twitter who have announced a slimming cure of thousands of layoffs that had never been known in Silicon Valley. Things aren’t going well for Amazon either. But the cut of ten thousand employees will arrive in 2023 and will be concentrated above all in the sectors of human resources, retail and electronic devices. The latter category includes a series of home products that revolve around Alexa.

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According to Business Insider, what is apparently Amazon’s flagship product, because it contains all the elements of its success, from the cloud to artificial intelligence, from consumer to e-commerce platforms, is a black hole in the balance sheet. Alexa is doing well on the market, but it is sold at cost price and above all it does not generate the expected e-commerce sales. A paradox for a group that was born with e-commerce. The story is different for AWS.

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AWS numbers

Here in Las Vegas, after the slightly humble 2021 Reinvent, at least 50,000 people arrived “in presence” and 300,000 connected. More than 100 sponsors and among the customers names such as BMW, Riot Games and Private Bank. A circus for engineers, data scientists and cloud experts that spans four or five large hotels. Perhaps there isn’t the enthusiasm of the first years on the part of the men of AWS but the awareness still sitting on the goose that lays the golden eggs of the Amazons, that is there. In the third quarter, AWS reported operating income of more than $5.4 billion.

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