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Barbara Belvisi: “Greenhouse project to live on Mars (and feel better on Earth)”

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Barbara Belvisi: “Greenhouse project to live on Mars (and feel better on Earth)”

Has designed tech capsules to preserve life on Earth and bring it to other Planets. Smart greenhouses, to produce cutting-edge and sustainable crops. With more yield, less impact. Self-sufficient capsules (already in operation in Paris) to allow man to live on the Moon or Mars.

She is Barbara Belvisi, 39 years old, half Polish and half Italian. Born in Paris, with a French passport, she also lived in the USA for a long time, where in 2018 she founded her biotech company: Interstellar Lab. Accomplice to this revolutionary project is a book: The little Prince. And her Polish grandmother’s greenhouses where she spent her summers looking at the flowers, dreaming of interplanetary species.

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The beginnings are very difficult, especially because she is a woman. In France no one believed her. “They literally laughed in my face.” When she said, “I will create capsules that preserve Earth’s biological diversity, allow us to grow plants more sustainably, and bring life to another planet,” they replied, “Of course, donkeys fly too.” She defines herself as a “maker”. One who does. So she escapes French skepticism and literally knocks on NASA’s doors. “They welcomed me. Once they know that you are serious and that you work hard, they encourage you. Where the Europeans say, it will never happen, the Americans say: let’s get to work.” Belvisi has also closed contracts with SpaceX and Astrolab: 11.3 million dollars raised from investors. In her team, in Paris, there are 44 people, including scientists, engineers, computer scientists and botanists. There is a lot of Italy. “One of our aerospace engineers is Italian, Matteo DevecchiECLSS Simulation Engineer (Ndr: ECLSS sta per Environmental Control and Life Support System). Is Italian Marco Maggioni, our Director of Crop Science for the aerospace program. The director of crop science”.

Their first product is the BioPod capsule.

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“It’s about a sealed bubble, a sort of cocoon, in which a complex machinery capable of recreating any climate is inserted. It’s a smart capsule, full of technology. We combine hardware, artificial intelligence, bioscience, environmental technology and aeroponics to mimic a multitude of conditions (light, temperature, humidity) and allow plants to live in the best possible environment. We can reproduce extreme climates: we make the temperature drop or raise it significantly, we increase and decrease the humidity, we change the lighting, all in a very short time and while maintaining optimal control.”

And to explain aeroponics better, he adds: “Thanks to sprayers, we vaporize tiny droplets of water mixed with a nutrient solution onto the roots of the plants. Then, we drain the water itself. In this way, we have total control of the water stress that the plant undergoes. In fact, if the plant is “stressed” a little in terms of water, temperature and light, it will produce a greater quantity of the desired molecules. A bit like what happens with grapes in semi-desert climates. Part of my family comes from Pantelleria, an island famous for its wine also thanks to the very hot and dry climate. The water stress suffered by the vineyard, in that case, gives us a fruit with a higher sugar concentration, which in turn gives us a wine with superior organoleptic qualities”.

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Girl passionate about botany and science fictionBarbara he has always dreamed that our species could become multi-planetary. “As a child I was in love with plants and flowers. I drew them on the walls of my room, I collected them in my notebooks and in my books. My maternal grandmother had greenhouses in Poland, and every summer I was enchanted by watching the life of the plants. I believe that something – the germ of this idea – was born there. Then, our parents read to us often The little Prince. This reading acted in my unconscious for a long time. And thanks to Saint-Exupéry, I began to imagine plants and flowers growing on other planets. And now I’m making my childhood dreams come true: with the Mission we called Little Prince, we will take our capsules to the Moon and grow flowers“.

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Italian father, from Pantelleria. “If you go there, you will find several Belvisi. It is a very large family, present in southern Italy for centuries.” Polish mother, from a small town along the German border. The two meet in Paris and decide to stop in the French capital. Three daughters, all passionate about scientific subjects; Barbara graduates in Economics. In 2010 you began your career in finance. Paris, London, New York: you work for large asset management firms. She deals with investments. Then she moves on to private equity. Finally she returns to the tech sector, working in a fund that invests in technology.

“It was an opportunity to focus again on what fascinated me most, science and technology. A few years later I created my own investment fund. I was very young, but I wanted to invest in innovative entrepreneurs.” At 25, Belvisi becomes the youngest woman to create a venture capital fund in Europe. “But I soon realized that it wasn’t what I wanted… I’m a person who wants to make things happen. My motto is make things happen. I decided to create something of my own. And while I was planning to build more efficient greenhouses , I heard that Elon Musk was working on recoverable spacecraft. There my childhood dream was awakened. I began to think about space exploration and the interplanetary flowers that I had always imagined. I began to study how to use the sophisticated technologies linked to the aerospace field to optimize the cultivation of plants on the earth. And from the earth I returned to space”.

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Today Belvisi has already created several BioPod capsules. “We have installed some in Florida, reserved for NASA. We are adapting our organic cultivation so that we can insert it into space stations and take it to the moon. In anticipation of a moon landing by SpaceX, in collaboration with a company called Astrolab, we will install a BioPod on the lunar territory in 2027. It will be a capsule containing flowers. And it is no coincidence that the project is called ‘Little Prince Mission’…”

Barbara she is today considered one of the 10 Women in Tech in France. “I give it my all, always. My life is my company. I work hard and I am authentic. I am not driven by money but by the mission. I want to understand “the how” and “the why” of life on this earth. What can we learn from plants to preserve their life in the best possible way, as well as expand it beyond our planet. Deep inside me, there is concern for the health of our Planet and at the same time the desire to recreate life on others planets”.

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However, things were not always easy. “In France, people don’t like people questioning the status quo or trying to undermine the order of things. However, I worked hard to learn what I didn’t know. Once I got NASA’s support, the attitude towards me has changed.”

Meanwhile, in addition to the six BioPods already present in Paris, Interstellar is building a factory to create others on a scale. “We will build a second factory in Europe, perhaps in Italy or Germany. And another in the USA”

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What have you learned along the way?

“So many things. On female leadership. On empathy. I realized that we don’t have to fight this characteristic to resemble men: entrepreneurial style and female leadership are different. Women are very nurturing, nurturing, and take care of company differently than male CEOs. I believe this is a strength. I have learned not to be afraid to be myself, to listen to my instincts. Instinct tells me to take care of the people who work with me and I do it.

I have learned that nothing is impossible. That there is nothing more beautiful on this planet than a flower, nor more essential than a plant. Is that the little Prince, in reality, it is a book for adults: it awakens our inner child. One of the reasons I named the future mission Little Prince is my belief that growing the ‘Little Prince’ flower on the moon will be able to conquer the inner child of many adults. And if we can awaken that child in each of us, we can have greater hope for the future of humanity. We could spread the kindness of the soul. Here, with my mission I would like to awaken that deep part of humanity that dreams of being able to grow flowers on the Moon“.

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