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Barcode detail gives Kaufland customers important information

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Barcode detail gives Kaufland customers important information

Apparently there is a small but fine detail on the Kaufland price tags. If you look closely at the barcode, you will get information that is not entirely unimportant for the purchase.

Kaufland is one of the largest retail chains in Germany. The Neckarsulm-based food company has over 750 branches here. Now an alleged insider has revealed an interesting detail about Kaufland’s price tags – more precisely: about the barcode on the tags.

You should pay attention to this detail on the barcode at Kaufland

Everyone knows the price tags in the supermarket that are on the shelves. There is usually the current price, a price per kilogram (or for different grams), possibly the country of origin, etc. At Kaufland, you can also see a barcode on the price tags. This is a code in the form of bars of different thicknesses, which is used to identify the goods. If you look closely, you will also discover another line directly on the barcode at Kaufland.

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This line or its positioning supposedly provides information about how long the product will remain in the range. A dash directly below the code means that the item is still available. However, if the line on the Kaufland price tag goes through the barcode, this means that it is an item that will soon no longer be in the range. “Mostly after a sale, when there is no more stock,” says an alleged Kaufland employee.

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Interesting information for some customers

The hidden hint could be interesting for some customers. If a product is soon no longer available, you may also make a different purchase decision. In addition, the information could inspire more confidence than a retailer’s own sign that speaks of a temporary offer.

The information originally came from a Twitter user who claims to work at Kaufland. The corresponding tweet is now offline, but another tz employee has probably confirmed the statement. However, the company itself has not yet commented on this. Our TECHBOOK inquiry in this regard was also not answered. The fact is that there are lines on the barcode and that these are actually partially positioned differently.

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