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Because a button was missing: penalty for popular mobile phone discounters

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Because a button was missing: penalty for popular mobile phone discounters

Two mobile phone discounters have to pay a fine after a lawsuit from the North Rhine-Westphalia Consumer Center. The reason: Customers could not individually indicate their reason for cancellation online. The mobile phone providers were warned about this as early as 2022.

15,000 euros fine for Klarmobil and Freenet

Freenet and its subsidiary brand Klarmobil have to pay a fine of 15,000 euros each. The reason is the lack of an option to provide an individual reason for cancellation online. This has not been changed despite legally binding judgments and is now having consequences. The North Rhine-Westphalia consumer advice center had sued.

“It is unacceptable that these providers do not comply with the court rulings against them. We won’t let them get away with this“, says Felix Flosbach, who works as a lawyer and head of the consumer rights group at the NRW consumer advice center.

The companies admit that the implementation of the changes ordered by the court is slow delayed by internal coordination channels. Freenet points out that the necessary adjustments have now been made and are fully functional. Customers now have the opportunity to provide their own reason for cancellation.

The NRW consumer advice center had it Case taken up in 2022 and the companies were warned. According to consumer advocates, an individually stated reason for termination would strengthen consumer rights and lead to more transparency. As an example, permanent connection disruptions are mentioned, which customers who cancel could alert mobile phone discounters to (source: NRW consumer advice center).

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What makes a good cell phone contract? The answer is in the video:

Freenet: Cancellation button always available

A spokesman for Freenet points out that a legally required cancellation button was available at all times. At the same time it is acknowledged that there was actually a function missingwhich allows customers to provide specific reasons for cancellation.

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