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Become a product tester: 5 headsets from Sharkoon

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Become a product tester: 5 headsets from Sharkoon

Welcome to a new round #TestRateKeep at techrush. This time there are 5 headsets from Sharkoon to test.

What awaits you?

The SKILLER SGH50 offers a comprehensive all-round package for gamers and music lovers alike. Through careful acoustic optimization and an impedance of 55 ohms, certified Hi-Res audio quality and a balanced sound are achieved. You can find more information about the product at ALTERNATE.


5x 100009789 – Sharkoon Separator SGH50 Headset

Deadline for participation: 22.02.2024

How can you participate?

This link will take you to the registration form. Simply fill out, send and keep your fingers crossed! Test the product within 14 days. Then submit a detailed product review for each item (at least 1,000 characters) at www.alternate.de and then keep the product.

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