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Behemoth “people-friendly” version? There are two versions of RTX 4090 Ti? -PCM

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Behemoth “people-friendly” version?  There are two versions of RTX 4090 Ti?  -PCM

Yesterday, “PCM” reported a display card interface backplane that is said to be RTX 4090 Ti/Titan, showing that the card may occupy the space of 4 PCIe slots. However, another whistleblower today updated the specifications of the future card king that he leaked earlier, showing that the “card king” will have a “brother” with lower specifications, saving power but in terms of memory speed and the number of CUDA cores improved.

According to the whistleblower @kopite7kimi, this flagship graphics card between RTX 4090 and RTX 4090 Titan will be equipped with AD102-400 GPU, the number of CUDA cores is 18,176, 1,692 more than the current RTX 4090, and the L2 cache is 72MB Increased to 96MB. Continue to use the PG136/139 PCB of the RTX 4090 model, although the memory is still 24GB GDDR6X, and the memory bus is still 384-bit, but the speed has been increased from 21Gbps to 24Gbps.

As for power consumption, it is rumored that the total board power TBP peak of this RTX 4090 Ti is still 600W, so a 16-pin 12VHPWR connector is still enough, but I believe that the basic TDP will be higher than the 450W of the current RTX 4090.

In contrast, the 800W RTX 4090 Titan introduced yesterday is expected to be equipped with two 12VHPWR interfaces to meet the peak power consumption needs of 800W.

@kopite7kimi did not disclose the launch period of these RTX 40 top graphics cards, but it is believed that NVIDIA will disclose more details at the GTC conference held in March this year.

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