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Between esport and entertainment: what Dsyre is and what it does

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Between esport and entertainment: what Dsyre is and what it does

That of exports in Italy is a dynamic and changeable sector, among the realities that have grown in the last period we find a particular i Dacid, an organization that combines competitive video games and entertainment which, in just over a year, has managed to establish itself by securing a good share of the public. “From the beginning we have aimed to involve different types of audiences, we didn’t want to focus solely vertically on the esports world, but we wanted to embrace different worlds such as music, especially Rap, Urban and Hip Hop because it is a genre very similar to that of gaming and esports. We have also recently launched our first clothing line, two sweatshirts and an official game jersey”. To speak is Andrea Cibelli founder and president of Dsyre.

The event

The export market in Italy is growing: today it is worth 47 million euros

by Alessandra Contin

Esport seen not only as a competition, but as a lifestyle that inevitably meets the universe of social media, explains Andrea Cibelli: “We collaborate closely with the ecosystem Stardustwe use it both as an amplifier to intercept a wider audience, both as a talent incubator, as for the influencers who are our ambassadors. An export team is made up of two main profiles, the content creator and the professional gamer. We have introduced a third, theAmbassador, the person who carries the Dsyre brand in other contexts. Soon we will be co-opting a well-known figure in the musical field whose name I cannot yet reveal. At the moment we are also trying to involve names in art and streetwear”.

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The Dsyres won the Proving Grounds this year, the cadet series of League of Legends (LoL) of Riot Games, one of the most played and streamed competitive video games ever, continues Andrea Cibelli: “We have allocated a budget to try to win Serie A LoL, which at the moment is the most important Italian tournament. Beyond LoL, Dsyre teams compete in tournaments of Valuing e Teamfight Tactics which are the three main titles of Riot Games. We compete in FIFA, Apex Legends with only one player but soon we are thinking of building a proprietary team. And of course we have Fortnite.”

November 25-27

Milan Games Week & Cartoomics, a pop culture fair

by Alessandra Contin

Dsyre selects its pro-players with precise stream system, a CGO (chief gaming officer) manages the team managers. each specialty, Valorant, FIFA, Fortnite etc…, it has its own team manager and coaches. The teams are formed under strict supervision of the CGO in collaboration with the team manager and coach. “We have given clear guidelines, the selected players must be free from sponsors, we want clean figurespositive, players who are not controversial. A keystone for us will be the opening of the gaming house which we plan to implement early next year. The model is that of Stardust” concludes Andrea Cibelli.

When we talk about an ecosystem linked to esports we are also talking about a target audience, generally young or very young, but Andrea Cibelli explains: “From the analyzes we have noticed that the most important age group remains Generation Z or a little above. Those who move a large audience are the guys who follow Fortnite, however the age range is widening and is also going to include forty-year-olds. It really depends on the type of game, age increases if we talk about titles like FIFA o Call of Duty”.

In Italy the export sector has an overall economic impact, between direct and indirect, of between 47 and 51 million euros, worldwide it is estimated that it could exceed the figure of 1.8 billion by 2025.

The sector is young, in continuous transformation, it is an environment that incorporates other forms of entertainment and creates new professional figures and the experience of the Dsyre system is an example of its possible evolution.

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