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Biden’s deepfake that also deceived Donald Trump’s son

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Biden’s deepfake that also deceived Donald Trump’s son

There is a photo of Joe Biden, president of the United States, dressed in camouflage and sitting in what appears to be a command room, “meeting with the country’s top military leadership” and also ready to “authorize U.S. military action in the Middle East” in what “it will be one of the most important decisions of his presidency.”

Except that Biden has not made any of these decisions, he has not authorized any US military action in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, the photo is fake and it was never taken and whoever posted it first on Twitter is among the biggest serial spreaders of fake news of recent times.

Social disinformation and fake news: Donald Trump’s lies about Taylor Swift pass through Elon Musk’s AI by Emanuele Capone 04 February 2024

If Joe Biden becomes a deepfake (again).

Second as reported by NewsGuard (things?) in its early February report on online disinformation, the image dates back to January 29th and was shared by the user @Sprinter99800, who has over half a million followers on Twitter, obviously the blue check and whose feed is an uncontainable river of lies about war and tweets to support Trump and contest Biden, at the impressive pace of one every 5-10 minutes.

The chosen date is not randombecause it follows the drone attack, probably coordinated by Iran, which the day before had killed 3 American soldiers in Jordan: according to what we read on social networks, the photo depicts President Biden and US military leaders busy deciding how to respond to the attack.

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Except, as mentioned, the photo doesn’t exist: this is what is called a deepfake (things?), that is, a fake created with artificial intelligence: it can be an image, as in this case, but also a video or an audio track that reproduces someone’s voice. What’s important is that it’s done so well that it’s practically indistinguishable from the original, so much so that Biden’s fake photo fooled tens of thousands of people online. Among them, as found by NewsGuard, there is also the 45-year-old Donald Trump Jr, son of the former president, who (again on Twitter), spoke of an “embarrassing Dukakis moment”, referring to a famous photo from 1988. A real photo, though.

Even Trump’s son evidently fell for the deception

Biden’s, however, is not: he confirmed it Hive, one of the AI-detection tools used by NewsGuard for this purpose (according to which the photo has a 100% probability of being artificial), and this was also highlighted by Twitter, which for a few days has accompanied the image with la dicitura “This is an AI generated photo” in clear evidence. Without this changing the tone of the comments that accompany it one iota, however.


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