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bigger and better performing

An event was held on May 24th in Milan where MMD Philips and AOC announced the latest innovations in the sector of professional, home and gaming monitors. They did the honors Berkay Dogan, Sales Director MMD e AOC, e Kevin Yang, Product Management per l’Europa. In the location of the event, various workstations were made available to the participants, where it was possible to try out the most recent displays of the two companies: from the classic office desks almost entirely occupied by ultra-wide screens, up to the installations for gamers, complete with all accessories and complete with ergonomic armchairs.

Philips and AOC are owned by the Chinese TPV. The Philips brand has actually long been a group, made up of brands MMD (monitors and accessories such as keyboards, mice, headsets, brackets), PPDS (professional display systems), TPVision (TV and sound systems).

Berkay Dogan

The more purely commercial aspects of Philips and AOC were illustrated by Berkay Doganwhich highlighted how, in the B2B sector, the group is interested in reach businesses of all sizes: from small and medium-sized SMEs to multinationals and government entities. As far as B2C is concerned, the display offer (in particular Philips monitors) covers all the main sectors, with products for general use, for gamers, for graphics and video professionals.

The sales trend in the computer screen sector was characterized worldwide by a surge in the years 2019 and 2020, due to the pandemic that has forced people to work from home and therefore to equip themselves with computers and monitors suitable for the new situation. In the following two years 2021 and 2022 there was one sharp decline in sales, due to the end of the lockdown and the chip crisis. Only this year it registers a slight recoverycon very rosy forecasts for 2024 (TrendForce data), thanks to strong growth in the sector. As for TPV, in 2022 he got one 30% sales shareby far the largest share compared to competitors.

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monitor philips

The most current market trends are a shift towards i higher resolution monitor than Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels), in particular Quad HD units (QHD, 2,560 x 1,440 dots) are increasingly in demand, followed by Ultra HD units (3,840 x 2,160 pixels). The latter two resolutions are expected to cover in 2023 more than 20% of the market. OLED panels are slowly gaining ground in the computer display industry and are expected to account for 1.5% of worldwide sales volume over the next few years, or 7% of value. The two brands Philips and AOC together are the most requested in Italy, if we consider the units shipped to our country, with a share of 28.3% in the first quarter of 2023.

The new Philips and AOC monitors

Kevin Yang presented the new and most interesting products of the two companies, starting with the professional Philips monitors.

Kevin Yang

Il model 49B2U6900CH it features a 32:9 panel with a diagonal of 49 inches and 5K resolution (5,120 x 1,440 pixels), to which is added an integrated 5 MPixel popup webcam. The latter is compatible with the technology Windows Hello, for automatic recognition of the framed face, so as to speed up (Philips claims less than two seconds) access to applications compatible with this technology. The function can also be activated auto framing, with the software that adjusts the framing and zoom by itself in order to center the person (even more than one) within the area framed by the webcam. The equipment is completed by microphones with noise cancellation for video conferencing and connectivity with an Ethernet a 2,5 Gigabit and three USB C ports, two of which with Power Delivery fino a 115 watt.

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Other notable Philips monitors are three new ultra wide: one 44.5” (5K 70Hz, 32:9 aspect ratio, 1500R bend radius), two large 40in, one 5K 70Hz, 21:9, 2500R, the other with a flat panel with WQHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 dots), refresh 100 Hz and 21:9. All three are equipped – like the 49B2U6900CH model – with a 5 MPixel popup webcam with Windows Hello technology, microphones with noise cancellation circuit, audio section, adjustable height stand. To all this is added the KVM functionalityto use a single set of monitor, keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers.

monitor philips

They were then presented display lines for B2C, all with USB C ports with 65 watt current delivery capacity, USB hub, audio section, base with adjustable height. It starts from a diagonal of 24″ and Full HD resolution up to 34″ WQHD, passing through the size of 27 inches.

Philips also offers touch sensitive screensdivided into three series. The first, B9T, includes models with IP65 protection degree and H7 hardness screen, with diagonals from 15.6” to 23.8”. These products are meant for PoS installations, production departments, warehouses, shops. The second series, B1TC, includes displays from 21.5″ to 23.8″ and is designed for Windows IT applications in the company and at home. It is also suitable for schools. The third family of touch products is B1FT, with large panels from 15 to 23.8 inches, IP65 protection degree and 7H screen hardness. This series is proposed for info points, kiosks, shops.

During the event there was also talk of Philips portable monitorall with USB C input. The B1 series includes the model 16B1P3302D, 15.6 inches large, with Full HD resolution, Ips LCD panel and foldable base. The weight of the product is less than one kilogram. There are also models SMB-B2C (touch, HD e Full HD) e Gaming (Full HD, HDMI input as well as USB C, for computers and consoles, 144Hz refresh and Free Sync compatibility).

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It should be noted that Philips offers the software to companies Smart Management Portal, dedicated to IT administrators and which allows you to remotely manage multiple monitors in the offices. The application is based on Philips SmartControl technology.

I display Oled e miniLed

The technologies Oled is miniLed they have been present for years in the top-of-the-range television sector (especially the first), but have only recently been implemented in computer monitors. Philips and AOC have developed some displays with Oled and miniLed panels, designed for the most demanding gamers. AOC showed the model at the event Agon Pro AG276QZDa monitor with OLED panel produced by LG Displaywith a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and a refresh rate of 240 Hz. As for the miniLedAOC will make the second generation of gaming displays built with this lighting technology available from Q4 2023 (models Q27G3XM/BK and U27G3XM/BK), characterized by improved performance and lower costs.

monitor philips

Philips has also developed its line of displays for gamers, Evniawhich stands out for its particularly elegant design (it won the reddot 2023) and white surfaces, illuminated by RGB LEDs. In addition to monitors, the Evnia line also includes keyboards and headphones. Philips Evnia 49M2C8900 of the 8000 series is the first gaming monitor to feature the brand new 49-inch QD-Oled panel from Samsung Displayan ultra-wide screen with an aspect ratio of 32:95,120 x 1,440 pixel resolution, 240 Hz refresh. The product will be available from October 2023. The Evnia range is completed by the 34M2C8600 (34-inch diagonal and WQHD resolution) e 42M2N8900large 42 inches and with Ultra HD screen.

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