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Biotechs Dynamic42 and Biopredic enter into commercialization agreement

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Biotechs Dynamic42 and Biopredic enter into commercialization agreement

New partnership to promote pioneering in-vitro systems for drug development

In the Dynamic42 laboratory

The innovative organ-on-chip specialist Dynamic42 GmbH and Biopredic, manufacturer of assay systems for research, announce a strategic agreement for joint marketing. The agreement is intended to advance the development of in vitro assays using human-relevant models in the early stages of drug development. The collaboration brings together Dynamic42’s extensive expertise in developing miniaturized human organ models (so-called organ-on-chip models) for drug testing using HepaRG™, Biopredic’s unique human liver cell model.

Dynamic42 uses the HepaRG™ model as an adequate replacement for human primary hepatocytes (the “gold standard”) in its liver models for research purposes. These liver models play a critical role in drug development as they help assess potential side effects of drugs on the liver. The vital organ is responsible for metabolism and detoxification in the body. The liver model developed by Dynamic42 enables “bloodstream-like” intravenous drug administration and detection of drug-induced liver damage.

Dynamic42 and Biopredic will work together to develop new applications based on Biopredic assay systems and Dynamic42 technologies. Joint marketing initiatives are planned, including conference participation, joint lectures and webinars.

“The strategic partnership with Biopredic marks an important milestone for Dynamic42. The integration of Biopredic cells into our organ models opens up new opportunities for researchers and demonstrates our shared commitment to further developing methods in drug discovery,” says Dr. Knut Rennert, CEO of Dynamic42. “By combining our technologies, we will improve the quality and robustness of human organ model applications,” adds Dr. Rennert adds.

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“The combination of Biopredic assay models with Dynamic42 3D microphysiology technologies holds great promise to improve in vitro systems and provide useful tools for multiple applications. This vision fits into Biopredic’s strategy to develop new recombinant HepaRG™ models and other unique liver systems for screening liver functions,” says Dr. El Azzi from Biopredic.

Dynamic42 is a contract company in the rapidly developing organ-on-a-chip market, founded in 2018 as an offshoot of Jena University Hospital. The start-up uses its organ-on-chip platform to develop in-vitro test systems that can be used to examine the effects of potential drug ingredients and chemicals on the human organism. The company also produces its own biotech chips that significantly improve the quality and significance of the organ-on-a-chip process.

Further information at: www.dynamic42.com

Company contact
Dynamic42 GmbH
Juliane Fischer
Winzerlaer Straße 2
07745 Jena
03641 508101

Press contact
Tower PR
Heiner Schaumann
Mälzerstr. 3
07745 Jena
03641 87611 80

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