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Blast Lei Quan Po’s evaluation of “A Plague Tale: Requiem”, what will be the ending of the increasingly persistent brother and sister relationship? | 4Gamers

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Blast Lei Quan Po’s evaluation of “A Plague Tale: Requiem”, what will be the ending of the increasingly persistent brother and sister relationship?  | 4Gamers

Developed by the little-known Asobo Studio, the stealth RPG game “A Plague Tale”, which was well-received in just one game, finally released the long-awaited second-generation work “A Plague Tale: Requiem” in the middle of this month.

This work, which is set in the 14th century where the Black Death was prevalent, not only greatly strengthens the signature rat group performance this time, but also allows players to witness the ending of the sister and brother Amicia and Hugo. Let’s use the PS5 version this time, let’s take a look at the performance of this new work!

Note: The following will explode the plot, if you don’t want to be shocked, please avoid it as soon as possible!

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Since it is essentially a story-oriented game, of course we still have to talk about the game’s plot.

The story of “A Plague Tale: Requiem” continues after the previous work. In the previous work, the sisters Amisia and Hugo, who escaped from the Inquisition, successfully reunited with their mother and went to the four friends with Lucas. Provence, the stronghold of the Gold Institute.

221026-requiem (19)

But they originally thought that this place would become a new home, but they were not happy for too long. The power of the Mark of Markkula on Hugo was revived again. Even the most senior bachelor of the Academy said that there was no cure, and the only hope was in the rain. On the wonderful fantasy island that Guo dreamed of, there seemed to be a mysterious spring that could heal everything.

221026-requiem (18)

At the same time, Amicia’s desire for possessiveness and protection towards her younger brother became more and more fanatical, and the bachelors called them the bearers and protectors, which was the destiny of the bearers of the mark.

221026-requiem (17)221026-requiem (16)

But who knows, the legend of this island is actually just a lie made up by a certain earl for his crazy beloved wife. In a chaos, Amicia and the earl had a conflict, and Hugo was forced to summon the rats to protect Ai Missia. And caused the self and the imprint to become one, becoming a natural disaster of walking.

And at the end, Amicia will face the most difficult choice…

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221026-requiem (15)

Seeing this, maybe you will think that this is a bit similar to the so-and-so survivor? However, there is still a considerable gap between the two in terms of theme and narrative.

In the former case, you’re angered and lost, only to be forced to choose awkward forgiveness.

And even if this work can be said to be a sad ending at the end, when you work hard to this extent, you will only feel that “if you really can’t do this, then maybe it’s really not possible” and put it down sadly .

In addition, our loyal warm man Lucas and other partners have added a lot of warm bridges, and they are obviously stronger than the former in terms of persuasiveness for Emsia to accept in the end.

Of course, it cannot be denied that there are indeed a lot of hypocritical or forced intellectual performances in the plot, and the feeling that everything ends up being empty after a long circle is indeed very uncomfortable, but maybe it is like the sentence in “Frost Punk” “But, this Is it worth it?” Like, which choice is better or depends on your own values, but Amisia finally chose to let it go.

Well, actually, I also hope that the production team will add a Lich King ending to make Amicia the demon version of Kor’Thuzad. If there is no brother in the world of shit, he will perish to make QQ.

221026-requiem (14)

If you are still interested in the plot, let’s talk about the gameplay.

This “A Plague Tale: Requiem” can be said to be a super-enhanced version of a generation in terms of gameplay. In addition to the stealth gameplay based on the previous game, new alchemy, crossbow, throwing items, stronger cooperative gameplay, and a small number of QTE elements have been added.

221026-requiem (13)

Since the core element of expelling mice with fire and light has not changed, let’s talk about the new props first. Like the signature element this time, the crossbow is a powerful new weapon. In addition to killing ordinary enemies in seconds, the additional effects on the arrows can also last semi-permanently, which is much easier to use than bullet-based weapons that disappear when they are thrown.

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221026-requiem (12)

In addition to the fire bombs and fire bombs of the previous work, this time a new alchemy technique has been added. Among them, the most useful is the “tar” that can slow down and catch fire. Tar is definitely one of the strongest chain gold in this game. It can not only expand the fire, but throw it in a clay pot and even directly kill people. Burning to death is also one of the few helpers in the game that you can use to dismantle the enemy’s armor.

Sadly, there is no potion that can force the opponent to remove the helmet this time… Most of the time you will be forced to sneak, so many collectibles will be difficult to collect this time. So despite the low number of uses, it’s nice to have an extra countermeasure.

221026-requiem (11)

In addition, although there are no new tricks in the stealth action this time, the element of “throwing” has been added in the process of solving the puzzle. Not only can you throw chain gold potions or stones, you can even throw wooden sticks to your partners, so that they can have Way to go through the rat swarm to join you after lighting a nearby fire.

221026-requiem (9)

From this throwing operation, it can also be seen that this work has put a lot of effort into the pseudo-cooperative gameplay of manipulating NPCs.

This time, in addition to directing Lucas to throw ecstasy powder and operate the winch, the other two partners also have their own characteristics. For example, Arnold is good at one-on-one and can easily kill any single soldier; and Sophia can Use a diamond mirror to focus the sun’s rays and burn distant objects.

221026-requiem (8)221026-requiem (7)

It is a pity that although this part of the gameplay is very interesting, the equipment upgrades and skill systems in the game are actually somewhat tasteless. For the part of collecting materials to upgrade equipment, the enhancements other than alchemy are actually not much different.

And the skill system has no choice at all, but a proficiency mechanism that needs to be learned by making a corresponding system. Personally, I think it is better to use a skill tree to make people feel a sense of upgrading, but this part does not Affects too much gaming experience.

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As for QTE… Well, it’s really cool to push people into the fire and the rat group, I almost thought I was called the Dongxing Crow.

221026-requiem (6)221026-requiem (5)221026-requiem (4)

As for the level design, it’s still pretty good. Although the essential gameplay has not changed, the path orientation and puzzle-solving design have become more clear this time, and the escape gameplay and various organs that appear from time to time also give the author a kind of “Secret Adventure” series. Both visual sense.

In addition, the art of this work has been upgraded to the 3A level, both the scene modeling and the sense of immersion are much stronger than before. When you walk past corpse water and mice all over the floor, you can be completely nauseated by the scene, and it is said that there are 300,000 mice at the same time, which makes your scalp numb!

It is said that the adaptive trigger of the PS5 will also feel the vibration of the mouse, which is really bad enough!

221026-requiem (3)221026-requiem (2)

To sum up, although there are different opinions on the plot, if the performance and gameplay itself are concerned, this work can indeed be said to be the best demonstration of Asobo Studio’s jump from a small studio to a 3A level.

The game has simple and easy-to-understand stealth gameplay, heart-wrenching sibling bonds, and creative puzzle-solving elements although the methods are not very rich. All players who have played for a generation should come to witness the evolution of this work.

In addition, let the author complain a little at the end… I went to your herbalist, I spent an entire hour researching how to rescue you, but after I finally rescued you, there was nothing! ! ! ! ! ! Readers who haven’t played here, please let him die!

221026-requiem (1)

“A Plague Tale: Requiem” has been launched on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and other platforms, and has joined the Xbox Game Pass lineup. Players with Xbox Game Pass can play directly.

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