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Blizzard sure “you haven’t lost any items or progress” – Overwatch 2 – Gamereactor

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Blizzard sure “you haven’t lost any items or progress” – Overwatch 2 – Gamereactor

The release of Overwatch 2 didn’t go the way Blizzard had planned. The game has faced server and connectivity issues, sometimes attributed to DDoS attacks, in addition to issues related to account merging and data transfer systems, with seemingly lost account projects and progress. It all depends on the requirement to connect a phone number to your Battle.net account and also pass someone the wrong way.

Blizzard has confirmed that it is addressing many of these issues, and in a new forum post, has now outlined this further, even talking about some of the fixes it has planned.

First, the SMS protection system is being changed so that you no longer need a phone number connected to play games. This will go into effect tomorrow, October 7.

Then, on the topic of server and connection issues, the queuing process is being simplified, hopefully to ease it a bit, and server patches are in effect to provide clarification on that front. Additional nodes have also been added to the player library to address logging issues.

Regarding lost items and progress, Blizzard simply said, “No player data was wiped or lost,” a situation that was entirely due to the data transfer system taking longer than expected to bring Overwatch content to Overwatch 2 . Additionally, a patch has been rolled out for those still looking for a way to merge accounts, which means you’ll want to be able to continue doing that too. A patch to fix this is on the way, but won’t arrive until next week.

In the end, the issue of heroes and items locked by existing players is similar to the issue of lost progress, and boils down to issues related to the first-time user experience not working as expected. It’s worth noting that logging back into the game should fix the problem.

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Have you encountered any of these issues since the release of Overwatch 2?

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