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Bose Launches New Home Entertainment Speaker 600 Supports Dolby Atmos Content – 3C Technology News

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Bose Launches New Home Entertainment Speaker 600 Supports Dolby Atmos Content – 3C Technology News
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Today, Bose announced the launch of the new home entertainment speaker 600, which supports Dolby Atmos content (Dolby Atmos), and is equipped with Bose’s unique TrueSpace enhanced original sound technology, bringing an immersive listening experience beyond its compact size. The new Bose Home Entertainment Speaker 600 can separate and accurately present instruments, dialogue and sound effects on the far left, right and directly above the room, creating an immersive audio feast for movies and music.

The Bose Home Entertainment Speaker 600 streams using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. The SimpleSync feature pairs the speaker with compatible Bose headphones or Bluetooth speakers to further expand the listening experience. Bose Home Entertainment Speaker 600 has a suggested price of NT$19,900 and will be officially available at Bose stores and major distribution channels on January 15, 2023.

Raza Haider, Chief Product Officer of Bose, said: “The truly captivating sound can instantly bring the audience from the front of the TV to the film and television works and immerse them in it. The Bose Home Entertainment Speaker 600 will be the perfect solution for people who want to have an immersive listening experience, but are limited by space constraints. users, providing an ideal solution.”

Made for Family Fun

When playing Dolby Atmos content, the precise Bose digital signal processing and Atmos decoding technology combined with the built-in 5 sound units can transmit the sound to all directions, bringing users a surround-like listening experience. Two outward-facing racetrack-shaped drivers project sound horizontally around the room, while the central high-frequency driver delivers clear vocals. The two upward sounding units not only enhance the sound field in the horizontal direction, but also simulate the sound above the head through sound reflection. The powerful and deep sound field effect allows users to feel the sound of following closely during high-speed chases in movies and TV, or experience being in the downpour of thunder and lightning.

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Even when watching non-Dolby Atmos content, users can still experience excellent immersive sound effects. Bose TrueSpace enhanced original sound technology intelligently analyzes non-Dolby content such as stereo or 5.1 channels through the built-in 5 sound units, and resynthesizes the sound signal to bring an immersive spatial experience.

For TV and music content, Bose QuietPort technology gives the Speaker 600 exceptional bass performance, ensuring near-distortion-free performance at any volume.

Exquisite appearance, thin and light design

The new Bose Home Entertainment Speaker 600 has been carefully designed to be thin and light, without adding extra height, while still carrying enough sound drivers to ensure that the sound quality is not compromised by the small size. The Bose Home Entertainment Speaker 600 measures 5.61 cm high, 10.4 cm deep, and 69.4 cm long, allowing it to fit easily under your TV without obscuring the screen. The overall body is designed with Bose’s signature black color scheme and surrounds the metal grille.

Simple setup, easy operation, high compatibility

Bose Home Entertainment Speaker 600 allows users to easily set up, just need an HDMI eARC cable or optical cable to connect to the TV, and instantly immerse yourself in the beauty of sound.

The new product provides flexible streaming options. It can use Wi-Fi, Spotify Connect or Apple AirPlay2 to instantly access users’ favorite streaming music services, and can also connect to mobile phones or tablets via Bluetooth to play content on the device.

The Home Entertainment Speaker 600 is also compatible with all other Bose speakers for a multi-room sound system, or can be paired with a Bose subwoofer and surround speakers for an even more powerful home theater experience. In addition to setting, operating, and personalizing the Bose Home Entertainment Speaker 600 through the Bose Music App, users can also use the SimpleSync function and get instant firmware updates.

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Bose Introduces New Home Entertainment Speaker 600 Supports Dolby Atmos Content

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