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系列首款中文化《奇幻生活i:轉圈圈的龍和偷取時間的少女》10/10 正式發售 | 遊戲基地 | LINE TODAY

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系列首款中文化《奇幻生活i:轉圈圈的龍和偷取時間的少女》10/10 正式發售 | 遊戲基地 | LINE TODAY

Japanese video game company Level-5 has announced the release of a new game, “Fantasy Life: The Girl and the Small Time of Transformation,” scheduled for October 10, 2024. The game is part of the “Fantasy Life” series and will cater to the Chinese-speaking audience.

The game aims to allow players to experience a second life in a virtual world, with the opportunity to explore and enjoy various activities. This latest addition to the series is expected to bring new elements and enhance the gaming experience for players. It will also feature updated graphics, terrain modification, and new character customization options.

The game will support up to four players, allowing for cooperative gameplay. Fans of the “Fantasy Life” series are eagerly anticipating this new release and are looking forward to experiencing the new features and improvements.

Level-5 has also shared that they plan to introduce additional content and updates, as well as incorporate familiar characters from the series to provide a sense of continuity for returning players. The company hopes that this latest installment will attract both new and existing fans of the “Fantasy Life” series.

Overall, the announcement of “Fantasy Life: The Girl and the Small Time of Transformation” has generated a lot of excitement among gaming enthusiasts, and the upcoming release is highly anticipated by fans of the popular series. With its promise of new adventures and enhanced gameplay features, the game is expected to be well-received by the gaming community.

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