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Canvas Hifi is a high-end soundbar for your TV – and a full-fledged stereo system –

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Canvas Hifi is a high-end soundbar for your TV – and a full-fledged stereo system –

Canvas Hifi: The New High-End Soundbar from Denmark

Denmark is known for its high-quality hi-fi and loudspeaker brands, but there’s always room for innovation. Canvas Hifi is the latest addition to the soundbar market, offering a giant, customizable soundbar that is tailored to fit your TV and meet your audio needs.

Originally launched as a crowdfunded LG soundbar project, Canvas Hifi is the brainchild of former high-end speaker designer Kim Neeper Rasmussen. However, the company soon realized that their product could be adapted to work with all brands of TVs, making it a more versatile option for consumers. The soundbar is compatible with various TV sizes, ranging from 55 inches to 77 inches, and extensive work has been done to ensure seamless integration with different TV models.

One of the key features of Canvas Hifi is its customizable design. The soundbar is available in 13 different finishes, including three types of wood and various fabric options from renowned Scandinavian designer brand Kvadrat. The front panels are equipped with magnets for easy replacement, allowing users to switch up the look of their sound system.

In terms of audio performance, Canvas Hifi utilizes the Bacch 3D standard to create a convincing virtual surround sound experience. The system is equipped with powerful DSP and supports a range of streaming standards and formats, including Tidal, Spotify, and the high-end streaming control system Roon. The soundbar also boasts high-end speaker drivers from SB Acoustics and can produce audio down to 30Hz.

Despite its impressive features, Canvas Hifi comes with a high-end price tag, with the standalone Solo version starting at 2,895 euros. However, for those looking for a premium soundbar solution, the investment may be worth it. Gamereactor is looking forward to exploring this product further after CES, as it has the potential to be the best soundbar solution on the market.

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