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Cefriel becomes a Benefit Company, digital for the common benefit

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Cefriel becomes a Benefit Company, digital for the common benefit


The digital innovation center founded by the Polytechnic of Milan acquires the legal status of a Benefit Company, explaining its role with respect to the impact of social, cultural and environmental sustainability

by Editorial Staff

Published on 18 Oct 2023

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Alfonso Fuggetta, CEO and Scientific Director of Cefriel and Stefano Venturi, President of Cefriel

Introduced in Italy in 2016, the Benefit Company model makes companies that choose to become one commit to pursuing it one or more purposes of common benefit and to operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner towards people, communities, territories and the environment, cultural and social assets and activities, bodies and associations and other stakeholders.

For thirty years Cefriela digital innovation center founded by the Polytechnic of Milan, works to build the necessary capabilities within organizations innovate also to improve the ecological footprint of people and the quality of their working life, convinced that this can generate a positive impact on society, the country system and the environment. Today it has formalized this commitment by including the “common benefit” in its corporate purpose and validating the purposes for which it was established.

Cefriel’s commitment to people, communities, the environment and customers

As a Benefit Company, Cefriel will be committed to investing in people with a view to inclusion and achieving collective and individual well-being, stimulating involvement and growth through continuous training projects adapted to everyone’s different needs and experiences.

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The commitments made are not of secondary importance in favor of social and environmental sustainability in terms of research and study of new digital solutions and technologies that make it possible to reduce pollution, also through participation in research and innovation projects and initiatives at national and international level as a research body as defined by the European Commission.

The next significant step for Cefriel will be B-Corp certification, a global recognition that measures company performance according to B-Impact Assessment standards.

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Reduce the digital divide and offer equal opportunities

“Cefriel has always supported businesses and public administrations in launching digital innovation paths based on the sharing of knowledge, based on principles of sustainability and aimed at promoting development, growth and widespread well-being” states Stefano Venturi, President of Cefriel.

“We believe in the value of the impact generated by innovation and digital transformation for the development and growth of communities and the country system. We are committed to developing formal and informal networks to reduce the digital divide and encourage the exchange of knowledge between the public, private sector and citizens, in order to offer equal opportunities to businesses of different sizes” adds Alfonso Fuggetta, CEO and Scientific Director of Cefriel.

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