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Celebrate With CRYPTARK: Limited-Time Free Event on Steam!

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Celebrate With CRYPTARK: Limited-Time Free Event on Steam!

Cryptark Offers 48-Hour Limited-Time Free Event on Steam

The highly acclaimed 2D space shooting game “Cryptark,” which was launched in 2017, is currently hosting a 48-hour limited-time free event on Steam. Players who claim the game during this period will be able to permanently add it to their collection.

“Cryptark” is a thrilling 2D space science fiction shooting game developed by Canadian company Alientrap. In the game, players pilot mechas and infiltrate alien spaceships to combat various cyberpunk-style modified monsters. The game’s internal space is randomly generated, adding an element of unpredictability. Players can purchase upgraded equipment and weapons, but they must be cautious as failure can result in a permanent loss of resources.

With its refreshing shooting barrage and engaging weapon upgrade gameplay, “Cryptark” has garnered immense praise on the Steam platform.

It is worth noting that Alientrap’s limited-time free offer for “Cryptark” serves as a pre-promotion for their upcoming 3D roguelike shooting game called “Gunhead.” The latter can be considered as the evolution of “Cryptark” from 2D to 3D gameplay.

The limited-time free period for “Cryptark” ends at 1:00 am on October 22nd. Players are urged to take advantage of this opportunity to secure the game in their Steam collection for future enjoyment.

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