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China manufacturer takes big step into Europe

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China manufacturer takes big step into Europe

In Europe, electric cars from Tesla and VW dominate the industry. Now a car manufacturer from China wants to take on the big brands in Europe.

BYD Company Limited, or BYD for short, is a Chinese group that is made up of many different companies. The abbreviation does not stand for “Build Your Dreams”, as the advertising slogan suggests, but is simply an abbreviation for the longer company name “BǐYàDí”. Globally, BYD is the largest producer of batteries. One of them is the car company BYD Auto Company. This specializes in the construction and sale of electric cars. Now BYD Auto Company wants to have its cars manufactured in Europe too.

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BYD – competition for German car brands?

The plan and location are already in place: Production of electric cars on behalf of BYD will take place in Hungary from 2027. Personnel are already being sought; The first job advertisements have been published, as Hungary Today reported. It is therefore clear that BYD Auto Company also wants to expand its sales to Europe. But whether BYD Auto Company represents actual competition for front-runners like Tesla and VW remains to be seen.

However, this is supported by the fact that BYD is a leading car manufacturer of electric vehicles. The batteries in these are promising. But the company also produces hybrids. In addition, BYD has already started selling electric vehicles in Europe. Added to this are the comparatively low prices of the cars.

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These models already exist in Germany

BYD Auto Company plans to bring two of its new car models to Europe in 2024. The following models and others are already sold on the European market:

THE WORLD of Han: an all-electric sedan similar to the Tesla Model 3; can travel up to 521 km and accelerates from zero to 100 in just 3.9 secondsOFFER Tang EV: all-electric SUV that is similar to the Tesla Model Y; can travel up to 400 km and accelerates from zero to 100 in 4.6 secondsDolphin WORLD: fully electric compact car; can travel up to 427 km and accelerates from 0 to 100 in 7 seconds; the Dolphin Mini should also be available in Europe in 2024

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